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Titanium Backup Pro Apk V1.3.2 (Crash Fix, Unlocked)

Titanium Track
Name Titanium Backup Pro
Offered By Titanium Track
Version 1.3.2
Size 37M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated January 6, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features Crash Fix/Unlocked
Price FREE

Titanium Backup Pro Apk – developed by Titanium Track, is one of the most powerful backup applications available on Android. It allows you to backup and restores applications and system data, move applications between the device and SD card, freezes (disable) apps that you don’t want to be backed up or that you want to remain installed on the device but not be backed up, and much more.

One of the best things about Titanium Backup is that it supports root access; this means that if your device has been rooted, you can take advantage of all the features and functionality that this application offers (without having to remove root-access).

Introducing Titanium Backup Pro

Rooting your device opens up a lot of possibilities, but one feature that many custom ROM fans miss is Titanium Backup. If you’re serious about your phone or tablet, then Titanium Backup will help protect all of your apps, settings and data with nary a hiccup.

Introducing Titanium Backup Pro

You can create full backups on both rooted and unrooted devices, schedule backups to run at any interval (not just once per day) and even perform batch operations on multiple files (like APKs or SMS messages). Plus, you can flash custom recovery images without messing with ADB; it’s all great stuff.

The official app requires root, so if you’re not interested in adding an unlockable bootloader or unlocking/flashing your recovery partition, Titanium Backup isn’t for you. But if Android’s always been about being open source, why does it cost $6?

Well, turns out that having root access means things are far more complicated than they used to be—and that means money. Rather than giving away access for free, Koush decided to charge a small amount for an unlock key.

Must Grab, 

Why Use Titanium Backup Pro?

Titanium Backup is one of our favorite apps on Android. That’s because it helps you back up your app data, settings, and even lets you uninstall system apps if you so choose. It does all of that while also being lightweight on your device’s battery life.

Titanium has been around for years now, so you know it works well and gets frequent updates to keep up with Google’s increasingly benevolent vision for Android development. If you’re looking for an all-in-one backup app for your devices (whether rooted or not), then look no further than Titanium Backup (Pro).

Why Use Titanium Backup Pro?

It can be a bit difficult to set up, but with some tinkering around, it’ll soon become second nature. Once you’ve got TB pro installed and configured how you like, simply tap Backup when prompted by any app after installing/updating/etc.

Doing so will automatically save your current configuration in case something goes wrong later down the line—so make sure you always backup before trying new things! Titanium is free to download and use but there is a $5 in-app purchase to unlock features such as cloud storage options.

The Pro version will work great whether or not your phone is rooted—which makes it great for anyone using an unrooted device. Just select freeze instead of uninstalling in order to get rid of bloatware without triggering Google SafetyNet Root Checker failures.

How Does It Work?

Titanium Backup Pro works by creating a snapshot of your apps and data, then making incremental backups of that snapshot. That means you can easily restore your device to any point in time without losing current settings or data.

How Does It Work?

For instance, let’s say you accidentally downloaded an app that slows down your phone. You can use Titanium Backup to get rid of it—and all other apps you don’t want—without worrying about damaging important information on your phone. To find more detailed information about how Titanium works, check out our full guide. How Do I Get It?: Currently, only rooted users can download Titanium Backup for free on Google Play.

If you haven’t rooted your Android device yet but are interested in doing so—for example, to take advantage of some sweet root-only features like ad-blocking or file encryption—check out our Android rooting guide first.

From there, just head over to Google Play and search for Titanium backup (or just click here). When asked if you’re a pro user, simply select No. Then enter your payment information and hit purchase – well done! You now have access to pro features for free.

What Are Its Features?

Titanium Backup Pro is a backup tool. It can perform various tasks such as backing up, restoring and freezing apps along with their data and/or cache. In fact, Titanium Backup can even schedule backups. In addition to app backups, it can also backup your messages and call logs. Like other similar tools, it allows you to manage apps in batch mode – e.g., uninstall multiple apps at once – as well as exclude any app from being backed up if need be.

What Are Its Features?

You can use its filtering function to specify which apps are going to be backed up or not. If you’re wondering why you would want something like that, here’s an example: say you have two identical apps installed on your phone but only one of them contains sensitive information. You don’t want that app getting backed up accidentally because somebody who finds it on your phone might just extract everything out of it using some dedicated software designed for exactly that purpose.

That’s where Titanium Backup filters come into play – they allow you to specify which subdirectories are going to be part of each backup job individually so that all data gets backed up but files within folders containing non-essential data (e.g., image files or recordings) get excluded automatically.

Titanium Backup Pro Feature

Safely backup data in your mobile, with no risk of losing anything if you restore your phone. It can save most applications and system settings (apart from Android 2.0+ app data, which is handled by Google). You can also back up most of your apps (but not all!) to your SD card so that you can use them on other phones or tablets.

The best part: it works without modifying anything or even installing a new ROM! Titanium Backup will run from a NANDroid backup made from stock ROMs, from a system image created with third-party tools, or from any custom ROM for which root was obtained using superuser permission.

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