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Snake Rivals Mod Apk 0.35.9 (Unlimited Diamonds, Coins)

Name Snake Rivals
Offered By Supersolid
Version 0.35.9
Size 175M
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Updated January 6, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds/Coins
Price FREE

Snake Rivals Mod Apk is an incredibly addictive game based on real-life snake hunting. In this version of the hunt, you will be controlling one of the many snakes that inhabit Australia and trying to track down and kill that infamous giant snake.

The story is based around a couple of unlikely characters, who find themselves pitted against each other in this high-tech, exciting, and fun mod. You will control a wide variety of snakes, from junior to adult levels, and use different weapons to take down your prey. But what truly sets this mod apart, is its highly detailed and thought-out storyline, which ties into the main gameplay of the game.

Snake Rivals Mod starts with a simple, but the interesting scenario, as a newlywed couple, Michael and Sarah, decide to get married after their wedding ceremony. Everything is going smoothly, until one night when Michael snores very loudly, causing his wife to start worrying. Sometime later, she discovers her husband’s snake, underneath the bed, dead.

Now, she and Michael are faced with a decision… Will they risk destroying their marriage or investigate the possibility of saving it? Their snake adventure soon gets out of control and turns into a very entertaining story, that is full of mystery and excitement.

Must Grab, 

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

There are some thrilling moments in the history of gaming when something new has been made or invented or reinvented. Something that feels like it’s never been done before, but turns out to be even better than you imagined.

Snake Rivals Mod Apk

That’s what happened when the new Snake Rivals mod apk came out of nowhere and blew everybody away with its amazing gameplay, graphics and features that have never been seen in mobile gaming before! If you’re into mobile gaming, then chances are you might have heard about this game already, or at least some of the buzz around it.

What Is Snake Rivals?

Snake Rivals is a new 3D Game with great graphics, HD resolution and amazing gameplay. Snake rivals is a fun and exciting game based on competition to become #1. Compete with your friends or other players from around world to see who can get highest score within time limit. Once you start playing you will not stop until it’s over.

This is a multiplayer Online leader board-enabled game. You can play against thousands of people worldwide! The goal of all levels in Snake Rivals is simply to eat as many dots as possible without running into your own tail.

What Is Snake Rivals?

Be aware that each dot you consume changes your color and causes your body (head included) to grow longer; once three consecutive segments contain dots, they turn green and double in value—you can’t control where they appear but you should always avoid these super-tasty bonus pieces if possible! But beware: if three consecutive segments turn red (indicating death), it’s game over.

This high-quality snake game for android has top-notch controls which give a very smooth experience.

Snake Rivals Introduction

Snakes is an old classic, and it comes to new 3D, with more fun and new experience. This game has great graphic design and good sound effect. The snakes of different colors look vivid and lovely on your mobile phone screen. It must be a fantastic experience for all players! They will have a completely different feeling when playing.

Snake Rivals Introduction

The snake still has its unique characteristics: it continues to move forward automatically without colliding with other snakes or platforms so as to accumulate as many points as possible within a limited time, meanwhile avoiding being attacked by spider webs.

You can freely control the direction in your game, which gives you endless enjoyment after you start. The classic Snake series makes another appearance in our lives – don’t miss it! Switch on now and enjoy yourself with it! How to play Snake Rivals? It’s very easy – all you need to do is swipe up, down, left or right to turn around. Make sure that if you hit any obstacles along the way then just turn around quickly otherwise you’ll lose one life every time that happens.

How Do you Play Snake Rivals?

If you’re reading, then your friends aren’t. Get to it! Play Snake Rivals with friends and compete for high scores in a beautiful 3D world! We also have a leaderboard where you can see how many people in your country or around the world are playing our game too.

How Do you Play Snake Rivals?

Compete against them and try to rank as highly as possible. All of our games are free so we hope you enjoy! If you like playing snake rivals, try some of our other addictive games: Snake Knights: The ultimate adventure game where up to four players compete online and battle dangerous enemies and bosses in real-time.

Get ready for an epic adventure! Race To Escape: A competitive multiplayer escape room where players work together to solve puzzles as quickly as possible.

Snake Rivals Gameplay

Similar to other snake games, you will start with a 3-D racetrack and in that track, there will be various obstacles and barriers which you need to control your snake in order to get over them. Every time you jump over an obstacle or barrier, points are earned. You can get up to 3 stars on every level if you complete them successfully by getting over all these hurdles.

The game also features upgrades which are unlocked when you get more points for completing levels successfully. The upgrades are pretty much needed if you want to win the game easily because it gives more powerups like increased speed or extra shield boosts.

There are three types of powerups namely blue, red and green respectively. Blue provides extra shields while red gives +2 boost speed.

Snake Rivals Mod Features 

One of the unique features of Snake Rivals Mod Apk is, that it allows you to control various aspects of your character, depending on which of the seven snakes they are controlling. For example, if a snake is asleep, they will become much less dangerous.

Snake Rivals Mod Features 

Therefore, it is important to keep them either asleep or away from the cage in order to gain the upper hand in this game. You can also change certain attributes of your snakes, such as giving them a venomous bite. Each level in the game is completely different, because it is randomly generated, meaning that each play-through will be entirely different.

Snake Rival’s story is relatively short, but will leave you wanting for more. The first few levels are extremely fun and will keep you busy all the way through. In fact, I found myself having kind of difficulty deciding where to go next, because the scenery keeps changing.

I would think it would get boring, but it actually made the game more exciting. Overall, the game is very enjoyable, but don’t expect it to last too long, because the length is about average.

Snake Rivals Storyline 

One of the best parts of the story is that you actually feel like you are part of the game. Even when you’re not, you can still control different aspects of the game, which makes controlling the game much more fun. However, if you are playing Snake Rivals with friends, it will definitely be a challenge to try and beat everyone at it.

It’s not just a time saver, because it also saves everyone time that they would have spent fighting. Some people really enjoy trying to finish the game all by themselves. If you want to do that, then you can, but I suggest getting a couple of friends to join in on the fun, as it is a lot of fun to work together on something as fun as this.

Snake Rivals Game Features

The graphics and sound are pretty good, and I didn’t find anything to complain about. My brother plays the game and commented that it looked like he was in a really good movie. I also liked how you could zoom in and out of the scene that you are in. The game is full of action, but there are still some quieter moments as well. The music also fits the mood of the game. The sound effects are perfect, and it just makes the game fun to listen to.

Overall, it’s fun to play and is worth playing if you are a big fan of mod games. You have to read the story, but it isn’t so hard that you won’t get bored. If you enjoy role-playing games, you will really enjoy playing Snake Ranks Mod. Even if you aren’t into that type of thing, you should still have a good time with it and have some fun.

It is also a free download. Most of the modders charge a price for their work, but not Snake Rivals Mod Apk. You can download it absolutely free. This is another reason why I really love this mod. It is completely free to play and enjoy.

Snake Rivals Graphic And Audio Quality 

Snake Rivals is a new 3D snake game that looks very interesting. It has impressive graphics and you control a snake through an underground tunnel. The goal of each level is to eat as many eggs as possible and avoid collisions with your body and with other snakes.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds; there are many obstacles along your way and they make it more challenging for you to grab those eggs! Will you manage to grab all those eggs? Play Snake Rivals now and find out!

There are already almost 100 000 players who have installed it, so why don’t you join them too? Just follow our simple guide below on how to download Snake Rivals on Android.

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