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Random Dice Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds, Money)

Name Random Dice: PvP Defense
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Version 6.7.1
Size 171M
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Updated January 6, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds/Money
Price FREE

Random Dice Mod Apk is an awesome game that you need to play right now! What makes it so great? It combines the best parts of one of my favorite games with one of my favorite genres! It’s an awesome combination that I think every gamer will love, and I’m excited to be sharing it with you!

In Random Dice, your mission in life is to prevent the enemy from rolling the same number as you over and over again. To do this, you tap on dice when they come up with a face value lower than yours in order to make them bounce off the table and out of play.

What is Random Dice Mod Apk?

Random Dice is a unique blend of classic tower defense and pixel-art madness. The gameplay is straightforward: there are enemy creeps trying to get past your towers and attack your base, you build towers to fend them off.

What is Random Dice Mod Apk?

But everything else is up in the air: each round consists of rolling dice and randomly building various objects to help defend against hordes of monsters, from machine guns to giant bombs. With more than 40 different items, you’ll never know what’s going to happen next! Best thing? It’s completely free!

With no ads or In-App Purchases, Random Dice offers a premium experience that will entertain you again and again. Want even more fun? Unlock all 8 worlds with 130 levels and challenge yourself to complete all 45 objectives. Download Random Dice today and start playing! There’s nothing stopping you! Or maybe we should say: You can do it if you try…so try!!!!

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How to play Random Dice?

Random Dice is an interesting game that blends RPG and Strategy elements to present players with a challenging experience. Like all RPG games, it takes you to an alternative fantasy world where players get to roam around freely. But unlike other similar games, Random Dice presents you with levels that require strategic thinking rather than mindless questing.

How to play Random Dice?

It’s your job to protect your tower against waves of enemies by placing towers strategically. There are several towers available for you to choose from, each unique in its own way. To give you some idea of what kind of gameplay you can expect, let’s go over some features that make Random Dice interesting.

The first thing you need to do when playing Random Dice is selecting one of five different heroes who have their own special abilities. If you’re not sure how useful these abilities are, don’t worry because they often come in handy when fighting off hordes of attacking monsters.

Random Dice

What sets Random Dice apart from most similar games is high-quality graphics that feature detailed images straight out of fantasy novels. Similarly, music tracks used by Random Dice aren’t exactly typical; however, they will immerse you into virtual reality much faster than any typical background music ever could. More importantly though (at least for me) is ease-of-use; I like mobile games that allow me to jump right into action without having to go through annoying tutorials or complicated menus.

Random Dice Introduction

There are many different kinds of games that you can play on your Android device. You can be an action hero in a shooting game, or just relax with a puzzle game. But sometimes, it’s fun to take a break from all of that and have some friendly competition with your friends. And, if you really want to get competitive, there are also plenty of multiplayer games where you can challenge other players online to see who has better skills or tactics.

Random Dice Introduction

Today, we’re looking at Random Dice, which is an interesting new multiplayer strategy/defense game for Android devices. It’s still early in development but already feels like something special.

If you love great pixel art design and fast-paced combat, keep reading! It may not look like much now, but I think Random Dice could become one of those real killer apps for mobile gaming…in time. The concept behind Random Dice is simple: each player (you vs.

Random Dice Gameplay

Random Dice is a simple and interesting defense game. You can use 3 methods to make your enemy die: Starfish, Shark and Fire. If you use them skillfully, there will be only one enemy left on screen which you can catch up by tapping it with your boat.

The final goal of Random Dice is to kill 100 enemies and let your defense line stand still for 3 seconds without any enemies touching it. Are you ready to fight? Download Random Dice MOD now! 1. STARFISH – STARFISH has 0~5 holes in random locations; if an enemy falls into hole, they immediately lose HP because STARFISHs are also deadly to other creatures (especially whales). 2. SHARK – SHARK will quickly move around randomly while attacking other creatures that come into its range; after it eats 10 other creatures, its mouth starts charging very quickly; once an enemy enters its mouth charging area, they immediately lose HP because SHARKs are also deadly to other creatures (especially whales). 3. FIRE – FIRE stays fixed in place while burning other enemies that come near; once an enemy enters its range, they immediately lose HP because FIREs are also deadly to other creatures (especially whales). Play Game

Random Dice Mod Feature

Random Dice is a strategic defense game in which you can challenge enemies to PvP battles. This game relies heavily on strategy and knowing your enemy, including their hero’s weakness, to achieve victory. With each battle, you win you will be able to upgrade your defense towers by using credits that are earned after winning a battle or daily rewards that are available if you log in daily.

Random Dice Mod Feature

You can also use diamonds which can be purchased for real money but it is advised that you save diamonds for when they are truly needed because diamonds cannot be replenished once they have been used. The main source of income for upgrading towers is through getting trophies from PvP attacks.

Another important factor with Random Dice is how you place your defense towers as there are only a certain amount of spaces per map and placement plays an important role in determining who wins as well as making maps more fun to play as there aren’t very many games out there where tower placement matters so much! Lastly, heroes level up every time they defeat an enemy player.

The max level for heroes is 30. Leveling up gives access to better weapons, skills, health points (maximum health), damage increase (% of damage dealt compared to normal), etc.

Random Dice Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything)

It’s a free app, so there’s no harm in trying it out. But if you want to play online against friends and foes, you’ll need to pay for a premium account. The good news is that since Random Dice is open source, anyone can create their own mod to bypass these restrictions (or even add new features).

If you’re up for creating your own mod or just like to tinker with apps as I do, then there are instructions on how to install and run your own version of Random Dice.

There isn’t an official site where you can download these unofficial versions of Random Dice, but one quick Google search will reveal links and instructions on how to do so.

How To Download Random Dice Mod Apk

The installation of apk files for android phones is very easy. This application can be downloaded and installed through the Android store easily. The store provides both free and paid versions of apps, so you can install any version you want to.

But if you want to play Random Dice: PvP Defense game then you must download and install apk file from its official website or use android emulators like bluestacks that allows players to play Random Dice: PvP Defense game for free.

The following guide will help you out with downloading and installing Random Dice: PvP Defense mod apk on your android device.

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