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Pubg Ka Baap Kaun Hai? – Who Is Dad Of PUBG

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Do you know who is Dad of PUBG Mobile Game is PUBG ka Baap Kaun Hai? Friends, if you want to know Kaun hai PUBG ka Baap, this article is best for you. Here we will give you all information related to the Dad of PUBG (PUBG का बाप) so that you will know that after all, PUBG ka Baap.

There are many video games available for Android devices, one of them was PUBG which is many plays. This is a very famous game played by many players all around the world. There are also many players in India of PUBG game. 

In 2020 PUBG game was banned all over India, but now PUBG Mobile Studio launched the new Indian version of PUBG Mobile for Indian players. 

Today we will tell you about such a game which is also known as the father of PUBG. When I first read this question, “PUBG ka Baap Kaun Hai” I was a little surprised. I found that people are searching a lot on Google, YouTube, and other search engines that “Who is Dad of PUBG?” after seeing the search result of this keyword, I become surprised and feel a bit strange. 

Many people want to know who the father of PUBG is because they want to know about the father of PUBG, which is the game better than PUBG. If you also want to know about this game, read this whole post, here you will get all information about the Father of PUBG. 

Pubg Ka Baap Kaun Hai? – पब्जी का बाप कौन है

Which game is the birth father of PUBG? Who is the real father between PUBG and Free Fire? PUBG Vs Free Fire which is the best battleground game?

You might ask and see many questions like this on Google and YouTube, but you may not be able to get the appropriate answers for these questions. Not to be worried because we will discuss Kaun hai PUBG ka Baap? 

Friends, do you know who the real father of the PUBG game is PUBG ka Baap Kon hai If your answer is no, then today, you will know about PUBG ka Baap. 

Free Fire is the best alternative to PUBG game which is also known as PUBG ka Baap. Free Fire is an action-based game PUBG in which you have to kill enemies by saving yourselves alive. 

Youngsters not only in India but also all over the world love both PUBG and Free Fire. The gaming mode of both PUBG and Free Fire is almost the same because the reward is received after winning both, and the last player who survived in the game is called Winner. 

But now, you will think about why Free Fire is the father of PUBG. To get the answer to this question, you have to know what PUBG and Free Fire?

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What Is Pubg? 

The complete form PUBG game is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. This game is an action-based game that is played on both Pc and Smartphones. 

PUBG is an Online Multiplayer Game developed by PUBG Corporation, a South Korean company. This game is coming in two versions which are a LITE version and a Beta Version. 

PUBG game was launched in the year 2017 all over the world by Bluehole Corporation. After launching, it becomes the most popular game. It is a strategic battle game in which the player who survives is declared the Winner. 

What Is Free Fire?

Free fire game is a Survival Shooter or Battle game similar to PUBG game. This game came before the PUBG game, but we can say that PUBG is the copy of Free Fire because they have their strategy and techniques. 

Free Fire was launched on 4 December 2017 World-Wide by Garena Company. It is also a multiplayer game where players jump with the help of a parachute with 49 players on an unknown island. 

To play this game, they have to find weapons and other attachments and defeat another player. In this strategic battle, the last survivor will declare the Winner of the game. 

It is said that in many things, such as graphics and lags, it is even better than PUBG. Apart from this, it gives excellent performance even while occupying less storage, and this is the key reason why this game became most popular in India.  

PUBG Vs Free Fire

PUBG Vs Free Fire

It is not an easy task to tell which game is better between PUBG and Free Fire. The game that entertains you more is considered the best, but there are still some issues on which comparisons can be made, and we will discuss them in this article. 

Graphics (PUBG Vs Free Fire)

If you have played both PUBG and Free Fire, then you will know very well that Free Fire cannot compete with PUBG in terms of graphics because the graphics and effects of PUBG look real, whereas Free Fire is quite looks like an animated game.

PUBG uses the Unreal Engine for graphics which provides very smooth and realistic graphics. But this type of graphics requires stable internet. This graphic does not work below Android version 5.1.1 and requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM storage.

We have talked about PUBG, and now if we talk about Free Fire, then Free Fire is a type of animated combat shooter game that can be played very quickly inflame and device. 

That is, if you have a device with less storage and want to play a game where you are now, then Free Fire can prove to be an excellent option for you, but in terms of graphics, it does not stand in front of PUBG. Apart from this, a unique feature of Free Fire’s graphics is that it provides easy-to-use controls.



In terms of character, Free Fire is the best among all the other shooting multiplayer games like PUBG. In Free Fire, you are given many characters to play, and the unique thing is that all those characters have some specialty, that is, they have power or some such specialty that helps in fighting. This makes the game very interesting.

 In Free Fire, we get two extraordinary characters, Eve and Adam, in the beginning. Apart from this, you can gradually add a lot of excellent and engaging characters. 

If we talk about PUBG Mobile, then we get the option to change the appearance, but the characters are not available to us yet, so Free Fire is quite ahead in this matter.



If we talk about vehicles, then in both Free Fire and PUBG, they get to see many vehicle options, and it is tremendous, but if we talk about who is better, then, in this case, PUBG is ahead Free Fire.

 In PUBG, we see many excellent vehicles, including Water Transportation Vehicles, whereas Free Fire does not have anything like this. Free Fire has minimal options in this matter. Many vehicles are available in terms of vehicles, like Buggy, UAZ, Motorcycle, Scooter, Tukshai, and Dacia. 



Talking about battles, both PUBG and Free Fire offer us a much better experience and cool features in Zee Battles which make our gaming experience much better and better.

 Classic battle option of 100 players is available in PUBG, in which all the players fight and the one who can survive till the last wins and only he gets Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! In PUBG, we get four maps depending on size, area, time, weather, etc.

Fighting in Free Fire gives a slightly better experience because survivors emerge over time, and we have to battle on a remote island. 



If we talk about lags, i.e., blockages, this Free Fire is much better than PUBG. PUBG is amazed at the very high graphics, and the quality level is also fixed in it. 

But the problem is that the size of PUBG is very large, due to which it is challenging to play this game with stability in Low-End Devices, but it is not so in the case of Free Fire. Free Fire is a much smaller game than PUBG and can be easily played in Flame and Device with better graphics.

Free Fire PUBG ka Baap kyun hai? 

By the way, the way of playing both Free Fire and PUBG is the same. But there are some such features of Free Fire that make Free Fire the Winner, and it is called PUBG का बाप. 

Here are some specific reasons for that:

  1. The size of Free Fire is only 600MB, which is also available in mobile with 1GB of RAM, while the size of Pubg Mobile is around 1.5GB and requires a smartphone with at least 4GB of RAM to play.
  2. Free Fire has been downloaded by around 500 million people worldwide, while Pubg has only 100 million downloads.
  3. Free Fire has many great Weapons like MGL 140, M249, CG15, P90, MP40, UMP, MP5, and VSS, while Pubg offers AKM, MK47, G36C, etc. Weapons.
  4. There are many characters in Free Fire, and they are constantly being increased. 
  5. Evo and Adam are two such characters that are used for free. The rest of the Character Diamonds can be bought by spending. On the other hand, very few characters are found in Pubg.
  6. The graphics of Free Fire looks like a cartoon that attracts children. On the other hand, Pubg has Realistic Graphics, which makes it less attractive to children.
  7. Free Fire is a fast game. In which 50 players are left on a beautiful continent to survive. The player becomes a winner by winning the game in 10 minutes. 
  8. Second and Pubg runs for 30 minutes.
  9. Small maps are available in Free Fire, due to which the game ends quickly, and due to the large map of Pubg, it takes more time.
  10. When targeting an enemy in Free Fire, a red color symbol appears, making it easy to kill enemies. But there is no such feature in Pubg.
  11. Free Fire is played only in some countries, yet its annual income is about one million dollars. While Pubg is played worldwide, its yearly income is the same as Free Fire.
  12. Free Fire has more than 80 million active users, while Pubg has more than 30 million active users.
  13. On winning Free Fire, you get Booyah, while winning Pubg gives Chicken Dinner.

Those are some key reasons why Free Fire is known as PUBG का बाप। 


1. Who Is The Real Father Of Pubg? 

Ans. PUBG or Player Unknowns Battleground is a free online multiplayer game made by a South Korean company PUBG Corporation. That’s why we can say PUBG Corporation is the real father of PUBG. Nut if you are looking for the real founder of PUBG, then the answer is Brendan Greene.

2. Who Is The Father Of Free Fire?

Ans. The free Fire game, most prevalent in India, was developed by 111dots Studio and developed by a Singaporean Company, Garena, founded in 2009 by Forrest Li. That’s why we can say 111dots Studio is the real father of Free Fire. 

3. Free Fire Ka Beta Kaun Hai?

Ans. Free Fire ka Beta PUBG hai. Because we have already said that the son cannot be born before the father, the son of Free Fire is PUBG. Because only after Free Fire, the PUBG game has come, seeing the popularity of Free Fire, the Pubg game was developed. And the game was created with suitable graphics.


Today in this post, I told who is the father of PUBG (Pubg ka Baap Kaun hai, Free Fire PUBG ka Baap Kyun hai, PUBG Vs Free Fire, and many others more). 

If you like to play video games, you can see our other posts where we have provided many kinds of games and their Mod APK so that anyone can play them easily. 

I hope you liked this post. If you got information from this post, do share it with your friends and other people. You can also share it on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also, whatever question you have, tell us by commenting.

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