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Pokémon Magikarp Jump Mod APK 1.3.11 (Unlimited Money, Diamonds)

The Pokemon Company
Name The Pokemon Company
Offered By The Pokemon Company
Size 95.27 MB
Latest Version 1.3.11
MOD Info (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)
Update November 22, 2022 (7 days ago)
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Price FREE
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So, hello guys, today you will learn about the game Pokémon Magikarp Jump Mod Apk. It is a globally playing game, and it is played on both IOS and ANDROID devices. You can download this as simple as the other game you download, and after that, you log in to it; the Pokemon AAP has several features which make the game more exciting; it is an exciting simulation game. The player has to train the Pokemon Magikarp for various types of competition which you can play through connecting all over the globe.

This game which you are reading about is vital in all ages of people over the world as you know that there are many types of popular pokemon games, but this is unique and different from all of that games, it is like more attractive for the persons who is the fan of Pokemon. The Pokemon fans consider the Magikarp pokemon as the weakest in the entire series of comics.

So, as in this post, you are going to take, and I’m going to tell all information about POKEMON MAGIKARP JUMP MOD like Features, Graphics, Version, etc.

What is Pokemon Magikarp Jump Mod Apk ?

As you know, Magikarp is the water pokemon which is the weakest Pokemon in the series, and he has only a few power moves, which is not high damageable to someone, and there it is this game is made to train the pokemon very hard so that it becomes powerful and robust which no one never seen him like that.

The more he trained, the more the power and jump raise, and in the game, one of the best features is that you do not have to buy anything to level up and then play the game. Then you can collaborate with friends, send messages and meet in the game, and it is the most exciting feature in the game for the players.

You can see in the game many types of Magikarp with a unique pattern like polka dots and calico. You can collect all kinds and make a collection of Magikarp. You can also make a pond in the game and help your Magikarp grow faster, and there is also some Magikarp that is difficult to collect.

There is a league mode where you can battle with other competitors’ trainees to prove yourself stronger and a worthy pokemon trainer, and this will help you level up faster with unique abilities.

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Features Of The Pokemon Magikarp Jump mod apk 

Here I am going to tell you all the fantastic features of the game, and it is exciting to know about this to you. So let’s start:-



as you know, every one of their age can play the game; the graphics are minimal, it features a cartoonist view style, and you enjoy the game a lot. This type of graphics also allows you to play in low model or low accepting graphic devices so that you can play as long as you can without any problem.



as you listen on the TV similarly to that type of sound and music you hear in this game, you find the splashing sound, and speaking of Magikarp, you will enjoy playing this game and listening to music sounds of this game. In certain stages, you find voicing dialogues that will make you more exciting to play the game. It was just quite excellent.

Effectively Training

No training

Magikarp is the water pokemon, and to train more vital and more suitable you have to need a good write environment, it has different training programs, and that involves bag, jumping exercises and many more. You can get your Magikarps up and jump in no time with reasonable training schedules.

Enjoying Companies Of Little Pokemons

Enjoying Companies Of Little Pokemons

There are also many more pokemon in the game, which makes the game more interesting. The little pokemon also help you when you want, like Pikachu and many more, making you a lot of ponds through their company. You can select whichever pokemon you want for the company.

Intuitive Gameplay With Simple Control


The players and the pokemon lovers would love the gameplay features. In the game, because it is a water-type pokemon, you can fish them with the help of a given fishing rod or upgrade it; you have to level up yourself and access many different types of Magikarp. You have to keep the pokemon in the pond and give them food to eat and feed nutrition to grow and train them well for battle with competitors.

How To Download The Pokemon Magikarp Jump Mod Apk

Down below I have written the steps to download and install the Pokemon Magikarp Jump mod apk, so read the steps carefully

  • First of all, search on google  Pokemon Magikarp Jump mod apk free download
  • There is an APK download hunt site where you can download this game
  • Click on the site, go to the download button, and your mode will start downloading as you click to download
  • After that, when it’s downloaded, and the INSTALL button comes, you have to click on it.
  • Before installation, he want permission to install the game; you have to go to the SETTING and click on UNKNOWN sources
  • After that, your game is finally installed; the only thing you have to do is log in and play.


1. How Do You Beat Magikarp Jum Fast ?

Ans. Oran and Sitrus Berries are the keys to leveling up fast in Magikarp Jump. Simply put, the two berry method in Magikarp Jump is a trick that involves only upgrading the first two berries in your food list: the Oran Berry and Sitrus Berry.

2. What is the max level in Magikarp Jump?

Ans. A Magikarp can reach a level equivalent to 10 higher than the trainer rank up to a maximum of level 100. Once the maximum trainer rank has been achieved, all experience gained goes towards earning support candies.

3. What does the pond booster do?

Ans. The Pond Booster is an addition to the Pond that grants a global JP Gains boost. The Pond Booster is unlocked after completing the Master League. The maximum level (and JP boost %) is 100

4. How do you get the diamond miner in Magikarp Jump for free?

Ans. The Diamond Miner can be unlocked by earning 2,500 Exchange Tickets and activating five different reward levels; it’s a great way to make yourself 100 Diamonds a day at the press of a button.

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