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Obey Me Mod Apk

Obey Me Mod Apk | Unlimited Skills/Devil Points | For Android

NTT Solmare Corp.
Name Obey Me
Offered By NTT Solmare Corp.
Version 4.6.4
Size 108M
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Updated October 9, 2021
MOD Features Unlimited Skills/Devil Points
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Obey Me Mod Apk – Simulation games are often filled with excitement and new things to learn, especially when you’re playing one that has you pretending to be the master of your own mansion full of cute anime girls to do your bidding! That’s right, Obey Me Mod Apk is an anime game that will have you taking on the role of the master of your own harem! You can take on the identity of the young master of this large manor who must choose among many young maidens who are willing to serve him at any price.

Obey Me Gameplay

Obey Me is an awesome game that consists of conquering your enemies! You will fall in love with its awesome gameplay, in which you go around defeating different enemies in order to level up and defeat even more powerful ones. It’s a very engaging experience that will have you playing for hours.

Obey Me Gameplay

As you progress through Obey Me, characters will become available for you to control and use as your own ally. Each one of them has a different unique ability that can be used to defeat enemy bosses! There are over 100 different allies that can join your army, so make sure to collect them all! The best part about it is, each one of these characters from Obey me is anime girls from all kinds of series such as One Piece or Dragon Ball Z.

That’s right – you’ll get a chance to call upon many heroes from different universes, gather them under your command and help save mankind! How cool is that? Definitely download Obey Me if you’re into games like Jagged Alliance 2 or other top-notch strategy games where you take on hordes of enemies, strategically position yourself on maps while thinking outside of combat (such as by asking allies to help find hidden treasure chests) while at the same time managing resources like money, weapons and inventory space. If you need resources outside of what’s provided within levels then don’t forget to sell items at vendors found here too! Will our hero save humanity? Play Obey Me now and find out!

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Obey Me Introduction

– A lot of anime based anime style story’s to complete.- 20+ different ending to unlock- H Game, with better graphics and gameplay- 4 save slots available to all user- Translated from Japanese to English by us.- Compatible for Android phones and Tablets. Please note that it may not run well on old devices or tablets.- More will be updated in future. We are planning a huge update for Christmas, but due to our schedule, we could not give much time now. So what we have now will have to do for now.If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us via EMAIL provided below.

Obey Me Game Features

-3 Courses, What will you choose? -14 Dialogue Choices, Can you keep your Honor High? -Multiple Endings! Do you have what it takes to beat someone with a higher position than yours? Find out! **Be warned: Spoilers ahead** The Game is set in a school named after a famous 19th Century scholar named Mark Edward. You are a student at Mark Edward’s which is seen as an Academy for Nobility. Your school has two courses: Elite and Commoner. The purpose of Elite course students is to become Lords or Ladies of society.

Create Your Own Story

In a society obsessed with romance, you might think that a dating sim would be all about love. But there’s so much more to it than that! anime games give you a chance to have your cake and eat it too.

In other words, they offer you plenty of opportunities to meet new men—and get away from them just as quickly. Get lost in an epic tale of intrigue and adventure or focus on being a powerful CEO while resisting romantic advances from virtual suitors? It’s your call! And no matter what type of man catches your fancy, it’s only a matter of time before he makes his move.

Create Your Own Story

so stay alert at all times! Download Obey Me Mod Apk from our website now. This is one anime game where you truly can shape your own destiny. From choosing to accept those incredibly generous career promotions to accepting gifts from potential boyfriends, let your adventures run wild! Just make sure your heart doesn’t lead you astray.

or that mysterious handsome stranger could wind up getting away with murder. While we recommend starting by making friends at work and putting together a killer résumé, if things start getting stale and boring (if getting paid well and staying busy isn’t fun for you), don’t hesitate to shake things up. Getting into romantic trouble will definitely help motivate you.

Love Triangle

Every girl has dreamed of being in a love triangle, but for some reason, it never seems to go according to plan. Just when you think you have things figured out, something happens that leaves you confused and questioning everything—and everyone—around you.

Where does your heart lie? Which guy will end up by your side? You can’t help but wonder if it’s all worth it… what will end up happening next?! Find out with Obey Me! anime sim game! In some romance games like Obey Me!, there is always a hint of suspense as you wait to see how each route turns out.

Love Triangle

The heart-thumping dilemma begins as soon as you begin thinking about how your relationship(s) might change from here… an interesting premise for those who love games filled with drama, suspense, and romance.

Get into Trouble

anime games have a bad rap when it comes to its audience. In most cases, anime gamers are perceived as something akin to virginal teenagers who play games because they’re too boring or socially awkward to get out and experience life.

While that may be true in some cases, I’ve met plenty of anime gamers who are confident and happily married with children! anime games provide a source of escapism for both genders, but there is one common theme: a captivating storyline. If you really want anime games to get more respect, you need to develop a passion for what’s happening in them.

Get into Trouble

Start by talking about your favorite titles on social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. And don’t forget to download Obey Me Mod Apk! This little adventure will show you all sorts of ways to get into trouble while playing a dating sim game. Be sure to share your adventures with your friends once it’s installed!

Bad Boy

You can’t deny that there’s something sexy about a bad boy. At least, I know I definitely like my men with a few rough edges. There’s just something different about someone who doesn’t always play by society’s rules, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or act on his desires. Maybe it makes him more mysterious? As for me? It just makes me want to try to change him…make him over into my ideal man.

Good Boy

To make sure your Sim behaves himself, you can give him a treat or send him to obedience school. If you’d rather punish misbehavior with a spanking, you can also hand out punishments like grounding and taking away privileges like watching TV. Best of all, when it comes to training your pet dog or cat, any kind of positive reinforcement—be it treats or rubs—will help teach your little friend how to behave in society! Just be careful: too much discipline can lead to negative effects like aggression and disobedience. After all, if they’re too scared to do anything wrong in fear of being punished again, they may just run away on their own.


If you’re a big fan of anime games, then it’s almost a given that you have played or at least heard of Obey Me! This is one of those romance simulation games where your goal is to find a good man and date him. It can be quite tricky as there are a lot of guys who all want different things. The best thing about it though is that there are so many choices out there for you to explore. If you love anime games, then Obey Me! The Game MOD APK Download will be right up your alley!

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