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Nocturne Of Nightmares Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds)

Genius Inc
Name Nocturne Of Nightmares
Offered By Genius Inc
Version 2.1.10
Size 70M
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Updated January 6, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Price FREE

Things have been going from bad to worse lately, but the last straw was when your best friend died in a terrible accident. While you were visiting his gravesite, you fell asleep and woke up as an aristocrat’s wife! In the world of Nocturne of Nightmares, slaves are servants who can be bought and sold at will.

What is the Nocturne of Nightmares?

This is a visual novel role-playing game. You will need to choose your character and make different choices depending on your preferences and decisions you made in order to get a good ending of it.

What is the Nocturne of Nightmares?

The story is about a girl named Nelly who tries to find an interesting book at her grandfather’s library. She finds herself trapped within it and meets new people, like Marken who appears like an owner of that book world or Igor, half human half monster.

He claims that he is able to help her escape from there if she will marry him. So she has no other choice than try some things and do some research so she can go back home while learning more about herself and her family secrets. It’s not just about finding an exit though. There are four guys here for her to interact with them and create relationships with one of them.

If you want to know which one she chose then play Nocturne of Nightmares mod apk by yourself! Enjoy it right now! Download Nocturne of Nightmares mod apk from our website and enjoy these features: – New romance options – New scenes – Increased love points – Romance all 4 main characters Once again we thank everyone who supports us! Sincerely, Skipmore & Noire Team We always welcome feedback and suggestions. Feel free to share them with us through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Nocturne Of Nightmares Gameplay

When it comes to gameplay, Nocturne of Nightmares is something of a mixed bag. It’s certainly fun for what it is; however, there are some issues that prevent me from giving it my complete recommendation. For starters, I like how every choice changes your affection for your protagonist.

Nocturne Of Nightmares Gameplay

The game then uses that affection to influence events later on in Nocturne of Nightmares, which creates a nice sense of continuity throughout your playthrough. This is especially evident when you have limited time options due to being low on affection points.

In general, these choices add tension and weight to any given situation, but still feel natural enough not to seem forced or awkward. On top of that, Nocturne of Nightmares also features a branching plotline system, meaning players can really customize their character depending on who they decide to pursue romantically and what route they take through Nocturne of Nightmares.

As an added bonus, all endings in Nocturne of Nightmares allow for a possible romance between two characters regardless if one or both were pursuable in previous chapters or not

How to get Nocturne of Nightmares?

Nocturne of Nightmares is a romance otome game where you can explore your wildest fantasies. The best part about Nocturne of nightmares is that there are no limits to what you can do or who you can date. You will be able to date men, women, aliens, furries and more. This game does not take itself seriously so if you’re looking for a serious relationship simulator than look somewhere else.

How to get Nocturne of Nightmares?

This game is designed with visual novels in mind so choose your words wisely because every choice matters in Nocturne of nightmares! If you are interested in purchasing Nocture of Nightmare’s premium edition please click here! We recommend using Google Chrome to play our games as it runs better than other browsers.

There may also be load times which could cause issues with slower internet speeds. We want everyone to have fun playing our games but just know they’re made for faster internet speeds.

We love comments and suggestions so feel free to let us know if you have any! Thank you all for supporting Moonlight Locker Studios we wouldn’t exist without people like you!

How Does Nocturne Of Nightmares Play?

Nocturne of Nightmares is a visual novel, but also has gameplay elements of an otome game. As you play through each character’s routes, you are tasked with making choices that will affect your relationship with that character.

How Does Nocturne Of Nightmares Play?

Different endings are unlocked based on how well you did at garnering his or her love. But while some scenes are interactive, most scenes are told in a traditional visual novel format using still images and text bubbles. The way Nocturne of Nightmares differentiates itself from other otome games is in its unique nightmare meter mechanic.

While traversing dungeons and fighting demons for experience points and loot, your dream meter will slowly deplete over time. Once it runs out completely, it’s time to sleep! If you fail to escape a dungeon before it happens, all of your equipped items will be lost and you’ll wake up in another location to start over again.

And should you reach zero health during the battle against demons? You’ll wake up right there too – only minus one life! To combat these issues, players can bring along consumable items such as stamina drinks which restore portions of their depleted dream meters.

Is this game on Android/IOS/PC?

Nocturne of Nightmares can be played on PC. To play Nocturne of Nightmares on your mobile device, click here . Please note that you will need to download an app called Bluestacks to run Nocturne of Nightmares in English. Once installed, simply search for Nocturne of Nightmares using Bluestacks. Once you have found our game in their long list, just press play and it will install into your phone! It’s free and easy! 😀 *OSX is not supported*.

Nocturne Of Nightmares Game Features

*Read Until Your Eyes Bleed! – The romance in Nocturne of Nightmares is a slow build, but once it reaches its height you’ll be in LOVE! If you’ve been looking for a new otome romance game to try out, Nocturne of Nightmares is a must-have! Make Friends And Enemies In Your Quest For Love – Go to school, make friends and explore your surroundings.

Nocturne Of Nightmares Game Features

In addition to helping you decide who might be compatible with you romantically in future chapters, spending time talking with your classmates will help you unlock more dialogue options as well as bonus story scenes that can lead to love. Relax At Home As You Learn More About Your Lovers – Once a week a new chapter unlocks and they’re all free.


Nocturne of Nightmares is a visual novel-styled fantasy otome game. The main character, Rina Nakamura, is forced to transfer to Mihama Academy, a school for problem children who are unable to make friends. There she meets five strange boys, each one having their own secrets that they don’t want anyone to know about.

As she spends time with them, her affection for them slowly begins to change into feelings of love. It’s up to you if these relations can grow deeper or not. With beautiful art by Alice Fujiwara and wonderful music by composer Yoshiaki Dewa (from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni), Nocturne of Nightmares is sure not only offer romance for its players but also action, adventure, and lots of fun moments.

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