Nocturne Of Nightmares (Unlimited Diamonds )
App Name
Nocturne Of Nightmares
Publisher Genius Inc


Size 59M
Latest Version 2.0.13
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds
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Update 20 November 2020
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Nocturne Of Nightmares
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Nocturne Of Nightmares Mod Apk The official Facebook for Mafia Wars Newest Building Mod has released another one of their popular New Feature. The New Nocturne of Nightmares mod is the third in the pack of mod compilations available for Mafia Wars. This time, it gives players a chance to explore a new side of the game with some exciting changes. Here are some of the highlights of what to expect from the New Nocturne Of Nightmares Mod.

Nocturne Of Nightmares Storyline

The new story of Nocturne of Nightmares takes place in Louisiana. Your mission will be to solve the mystery of how the mafia is protecting one of its most powerful members, the boss. You can easily spend hours of game time exploring the different parts of the state while fighting against enemy agents who want to destroy the treasure your character is after. The story line also includes a few secrets that will allow you to advance the story.


While the story of New Nocturne of Nightmares is captivating, the layout of the in-game interface looks rather unpolished. That’s not to say there aren’t any visual treats to discover. The various special attacks, skills, and items will all add some interesting flavor to the game.

Nocturne Of Nightmares Mod Features 

There are two difficulty levels in Nocturne of Nightmares mod. You can start on level one if you’re a beginner. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover more difficult levels for each character, including boss battles. There is also an achievement list for each character. Some are named after actual movies, like Spider Man, where each character has their own unique spider power.


One of the greatest assets of New Nocturne of Nightmares mod is the music track. Each character has their own distinctive style of saying the same lines. Some quotes from famous movies, like those from Batman: The Dark Knight.


The dialogue is very smooth and clear, although sometimes it can get a bit slow at times. Some of the dialogues are romanticized, which can be kind of disturbing for some players. If that’s the kind of thing you don’t enjoy hearing, then this might not be the right mod for you.

Nocturne Of Nightmares Mod Apk Download 

The graphics of Nocturne of Nightmares are very nice. Characters look quite realistic, with detailed facial features and outfits. The enemies, such as dragons, are also drawn with lifelike detail. It looks like they really are made to look scary, which helps make them a lot more fun to fight.


Overall, Nocturne of Nightmares is a great mod. If you like its story, then you should download the mod and play through the whole thing. It’s that good! If you haven’t played the story mod before, you might want to start with that instead and work your way through to the top, because it will be a lot more fun that way.

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