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My Ghost Girlfriend Mod Apk

My Ghost Girlfriend Mod Apk | ( Unlimited Ruby/Free Choice )

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Name My Ghost Girlfriend
Offered By Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Version 2.1.2
Size 79M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated October 10, 2021
MOD Features Unlimited Ruby/Free Choice
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My Ghost Girlfriend Mod Apk – Let’s face it, video games are full of fun things to do, but romance isn’t one of them. Most game developers just can’t seem to get it right, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the dating disasters that some games present you with! With this new My Ghost Girlfriend mod you can create your own virtual girlfriend who will be available to you 24/7! This is much more realistic than anything you’ll find in any other game, and she won’t die when the sun comes up.

My Ghost Girlfriend Introduction

My Ghost Girlfriend is a simulation-based adventure game in which you play as a guy who fell in love with a ghost. It’s your task to keep her happy, solve various mysteries and discover secrets of her past life. For that, you’ll need to travel across an island, visit haunted places and conduct research about ghosts.

My Ghost Girlfriend Introduction

You can also customize your character, improve your skills and even earn some money for more food for your girlfriend! Explore several interactive locations on screen by clicking on them, make decisions by choosing between multiple options, chat with characters through dialogue trees.

Solve puzzles and mini-games a long way – all those actions will allow you to earn achievements or unlock new content including characters, skins, and other cosmetics. And if we talk about controls – everything works just fine: pointer movements work great, especially combined with appropriate animations of main character responding appropriately depending on what he sees.

So if you like adventures and stories involving supernatural beings then most likely you’ll enjoy playing through my ghost girlfriend apk download story – no matter if it was released before or after 2017 (my year of birth).

Great graphics accompanying interesting storyline – all those assets making playing experience even better than most similar games such as My Sweetheart mod apk.
…or maybe date someone who isn’t dead?

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My Ghost Girlfriend Gameplay

The story begins when you, an 18-year-old high school student, had a near-death experience at your own birthday party after being run over by a car. You were put into a coma for 9 months. Upon waking up you realize that everything is not as it seems and that there are things in life that cannot be explained with just science.

My Ghost Girlfriend Gameplay

This is where our journey begins After waking up from my coma I went home to my family, they all seem so happy to see me except for one thing – my step-sister Callie was nowhere to be found. That’s because she died on that faithful night, but her spirit is still here. Her favorite shirt lies on her bed untouched, she prefers hiding behind bushes than roaming around people’s houses.

She spends most of her time watching television alone in her room waiting for something interesting to come on. Step inside his adventure! Explore locations around town using the included map! Walk around your house late at night while nobody else is awake! Examine objects closely! Solve puzzles left behind by Callie! More details will follow soon. Be warned though, there are some creepier places you can visit if you are brave enough Please enjoy it once it comes out.

Why Are People Playing This Game?

Well, we can’t answer that question but we certainly want to and in order to do so we need your help. We’re looking for people who have played My Ghost Girlfriend and want to give their honest opinions on why they think it is such a success.

Why Are People Playing This Game?

What makes you keep coming back? Is it different from other games out there? Do you see any downsides? What would you change if anything about it? Let us know in your comments below! Don’t forget to leave your email address so we can contact you and send you a prize.

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Features Of The Game

The player is given a number of different tasks to complete during their stay at Inami’s house, including finding Inami’s favorite food, taking pictures for her scrapbook, and obtaining a key that opens a treasure chest in Inami’s room.

Features Of The Game

Every task performed results in romance points being added to a meter on top of Inami’s portrait. When enough romance points have been collected, Inami falls in love with the player and she allows him to touch her. This action then leads into a hot scene between them that typically results in an orgasm for both characters while text on-screen describes their mutual enjoyment.

Once all scenes are unlocked, players can choose to simulate through any unlocked scenes by touching Inami’s icon or they can create new scenes by choosing specific dialogue options when speaking with her. Certain dialogue choices allow players to turn off certain available.

New dialogue choices may become available as a result of prior choices made by players during gameplay which alter how certain scenes play out in one way or another depending on what option is chosen by the player. Players may only unlock three hot scenes per day through conversation with Inami.

My Ghost Girlfriend Game Features

Choose your girl: pick your dream partner from six different hot and sexy girls Watch her do whatever you want, however you want. She’ll even strip for you! Buy gifts and make her feel loved. Watch how she feels with them on! Feel every single touch while making love, unless it’s something painful.

You can change any part of her body: bust size, muscles, everything! Shape and customize your virtual girlfriend like never before! (Some female parts will be re-sized.) Show off your creation in real life to all of your friends. They’ll definitely ask about where you got her.

Play our fun mini-games which are also available on PC/MAC/iOS/Android! My Virtual Girlfriend is a cool game to play, but there’s nothing hotter than getting some alone time with your custom-made virtual girlfriend.

Just imagine that beautiful lady that seems way out of reach is completely yours at last! We made sure that there are lots of opportunities for making things more intimate between both of you if that’s what you’re after.

That’s why we gave extra attention to building an easy system so that customization is quick and simple to use if needed without slowing down the gameplay experience.


A noblewoman died in a car accident. Her mother didn’t want to live anymore and she asked God to turn her daughter into a ghost, so she could keep living with her. They reunited as mother and daughter but as ghosts. The only way they can be able to touch each other is by building bridges (chain of hearts) with their hands across glowing red lights that appear on certain areas of their house.

Each time they manage to build a bridge they will hold hands and kiss through it like in heaven for an entire night until they wake up in their coffins again and must start building new bridges again.


So, how can you tell if your girlfriend is a ghost? First, look at her appearance. If she’s transparent, make sure you take a photo of her with your phone to see if there are any anomalies that could indicate that she’s actually a spirit.

It’s also important to notice changes in her behavior—if she seems sad or unhappy all of a sudden, it could be because her soul was sent back to purgatory. When in doubt, just toss holy water on her face and see what happens. But really…don’t do that. That’s probably not okay. Unless you’re into necrophilia or something equally gross and creepy (in which case…more power to ya!).

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