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My Ghost Girlfriend Mod APK v2.1.2 (Unlimited Ruby, Free Choice)

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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Name My Ghost Girlfriend
Offered By Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Size 79M
Latest Version 2.1.2
MOD Info Unlimited Ruby/Free Choice
Update December 22, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Price FREE

The majority of dating games include a single main character. During the learning and development of sentiments with other characters. My Ghost Girlfriend is built on the same principles today.

In recent years, this pattern has developed a distinct appeal. When gamers fall in love with a handsome male or a lovely and appealing girl. The reason for all of the attention paid to contemporary dating titles is very romantic. Beautiful lads or girls fascinate me. At the same time, learn more about each story’s backstory.

The game is based on one of Japan’s most distinctive and popular cultural features: anime films. The characters are then sculpted to fit the genre’s qualities, bringing users into an exciting world of gaming.


You’re intrigued just by hearing the title, aren’t you? The game takes set in a brand-new city where you’ve recently arrived to study. It appears that you are quite fortunate since finding a great place to stay in an unfamiliar city in a short period of time is not difficult. Then you notice something strange about the room you’re in. You’re not alone in this room; there’s another individual as well.

My Ghost Girlfriend Introduction

You’re a little terrified when you see there are three ghost females with you, but you soon realize they’re all stuck in this realm and need your rescue. It’s difficult to say no to these three beautiful and adorable girls.

You assist them in finding a way out of this realm, but you soon discover that you are not merely falling in love with these lovely ladies, and you need more. Isn’t it fascinating and engaging to read a contextual story? Then you’ll find yourself in the middle of a passionate love affair between people and ghosts.

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The game has three primary characters, each of them is a ghost girl that lives with you and has a distinct personality attribute.

Tahlia: – Tahlia was the first girl, and she was murdered by a male. She carried with her wrath and a desire for vengeance. It was because of this that her spirit was unable to transcend and remain in this world. On the appearance, she seems strong, but on the inside, she is vulnerable and needs to be protected.

My Ghost Girlfriend Gameplay

Laura: – Laura is a sensitive young lady who is always brimming with emotions. She couldn’t go since she was still severely afflicted by her family’s inferiority mentality as a result of her own death. She is the friendliest person and would appreciate it if you could assist her in achieving her goals.

Natasha: – She was the president of the student council when she was alive. She’s also the one who has the fortitude to take charge of the other two females. Despite this, Natasha is still an incredibly emotional young lady, haunted by the memory of a friend who helped her greatly when she was alive but who she never had the opportunity to return.

You’ll be the boyfriend of one of these three ghost females, and you’ll have to figure out how to deal with pressing issues on your own. Romantic scenarios will gradually evolve as a result of your kisses and love words with this ghost girlfriend.

It’s great news that you’ve been accepted into high school. As a freshman, you embarked on a hunt for a place to rent for the duration of your academic career. However, it appears that finding an inexpensive and pleasant place to stay is not easy. You believe that this is the ideal location to obtain right now.

However, you get the distinct impression that this isn’t just about you. And your suspicions are confirmed when this location also traps the souls of three unknown females. You’re with a ghost and you’re only human, which sounds fairly terrifying, doesn’t it? What if there were three attractive young females to choose from? They just have a few things to accomplish before fleeing, and they desperately need your help. So, you’ve started your mission to win the hearts of three beautiful young women. It’s a little different, though.

Learn More About The Key Characters

Tahlia is the first, a strong and resolute young lady. But she’s having problems putting her thoughts into words. She is also entrapped in this realm as a result of her burning desire to exact vengeance on the person who murdered her. Laura is a compassionate and attentive person. Her death appears to have caused grief among her family members.

Why Are People Playing This Game?

Furthermore, Laura is a really open person with whom you can easily get along. Natasha, the student council president who is still alive, is the third and has the greatest say of the three. Worrying about her closest friend’s safety was the primary reason she was still trapped in this location.

Increase your Interaction with Young Women

Every ghost is a person who died for their own reasons. You have the choice of accepting their offer to assist them in becoming closer to three individuals. Learn about each individual and their predicament one by one.

Features Of The Game

If each individual can honestly communicate their sentiments and touch your heart. Make a few expressive actions, such as hugging, in response. Or that you truly adore her and are aware of her inner thoughts. With stunning females, you’ll undoubtedly get a lot of points.

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