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My Billionaire Girlfriend Mod Apk | Unlimited Rubbies | For Android

Genius Inc
Name My Billionaire Girlfriend
Offered By Genius Inc
Version 2.0.6
Size 19M
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Updated January 9, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features
Price FREE

My Billionaire Girlfriend Mod Apk – is the best, most popular dating sim in the app store right now! If you enjoy anime, romance and adorable characters then you’ll love this gorgeous app that will take you on an unforgettable journey to find true love.

Dress up your girl in fashionable outfits, make her go to work and earn money, buy gifts for her and don’t let her out of your sight! What are you waiting for? Download My Billionaire Girlfriend now and start experiencing all the exciting adventures it has to offer!

My Billionaire Girlfriend Introduction

An anime dating sim inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. In My Billionaire Girlfriend, you will go on a romantic adventure to win your dream girl. But, be careful! You have 20 days before she moves away forever. You must collect money from defeating enemies and use it to upgrade your weapons and buy useful items from the shopkeeper at a discounted price.

My Billionaire Girlfriend Introduction

Upgrade your health and hunger meters for more play time with your girlfriend. Collect all 30 unique poses for special upgrades that boost your stats in many ways! Beware of monsters… If they scare you, they’ll grab you and run away. But don’t worry; if another enemy scares them off, they’ll drop an hourglass allowing you an extra 10 seconds to live. Use sound as your ally to uncover hidden enemies. Good luck out there.

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My Billionaire Girlfriend Game About

Some of you may already be familiar with dating sims such as Dating My Daughter and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Today, we bring you a brand new release that pushes those games to their absolute limits, and that is My Billionaire Girlfriend! You play as Drake Maxwell (or Max), a young and not-so-rich entrepreneur who has just made his first million after developing his own mobile gaming app. However, Drake soon finds out that girls love rich guys! He now has to juggle between spending time with his beloved girlfriend or making another quick buck.

My Billionaire Girlfriend Game About

The story might sound simple, but it’s one you’ll surely want to pay attention to since it offers some great twists and turns along the way. So what are you waiting for? Hop in your Ferrari Testarossa from 1985 and drive away from here! You have a lot of work ahead of you if you ever want to save up enough money for a down payment on a private island!

Forget about driving fast cars – become The King Of Speed by investing all your money into technology stocks instead – only then will it be possible for you not only date super hot Asian girls, but also cure cancer at some point! Make sure everything is going according to plan as there’s no saying how long these crazy stock market trends will last.

My Billionaire Girlfriend Gameplay

What do you think about when you think about your ideal girlfriend? If it’s a girl who knows how to treat a man, isn’t afraid to wear lingerie, and will indulge your every sexual fantasy then My Billionaire Girlfriend is for you! Download My Billionaire Girlfriend from Google Play today! The most popular of dating sims have a sequel – a very osm one. Meet Eliza – a cute blonde who attracts men like magnets with her sweet curves and fantastic assets. And she loves being rich because she can have anything she wants.

My Billionaire Girlfriend Gameplay

Now all that’s left is to have you in her bed…for hours! So what are you waiting for? Become rich, get hot girls and enjoy really steamy bedroom action.

Your dreams are just around the corner! Put on your headset and meet amazing beauties! Today top-notch virtual reality games make virtual sex even more realistic than ever before. You’ll feel like having sex with these 3D vixens yourself thanks to realistic graphics, lifelike settings and life-like movements.

Put on your VR goggles now to let your imagination run wild right in front of your eyes! Click I want my headset! button below to be redirected to the RiftyBusiness website where you can purchase the Virtual Reality device required for playing anime Dating Sim Games titles. Click here for info about buying Samsung Gear VR Headset compatible with the Oculus Rift PC game Anime Dating Sim.

My Billionaire Girlfriend How do I play?

In My Billionaire Girlfriend, you’ll enjoy beautifully animated hentai scenes with a multitude of naughty poses to explore, as well as an interactive simulator with adjustable speed and intensity settings. You’ll have complete control over all of your pleasure buttons—letting you direct every touch, lick, and suck.

My Billionaire Girlfriend How do I play?

It’s up to you to decide what happens next! Explore on your own or join forces with an anime lover from around the world—all profiles are reviewed by our team before appearing on our site. Each character is available for a limited time—get them while they last!

Start right now and make some memories! Download My Billionaire Girlfriend from Nintendo DSi Ware today. For best results, use Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7/8/10. For best results when using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7/8/10 or Android 4.4+, please ensure cookies are enabled in browser settings prior to play.

My Billionaire How Much Characters

His name is Henry is an arrogant, powerful man with a great sense of fashion. Although he comes off as being very egotistical, he does have a caring side to him. He can be polite when it suits him, but don’t mistake his kindness for weakness. I’m sure my love will try to say something about my fashion sense. Oh well, at least she gets me more than anyone else!

I dress in expensive suits and have impeccable taste in jewelry, cars and many other things! Besides that I am also rich so money isn’t really a problem. With my new girlfriend, you are guaranteed to live an exciting life filled with luxury and glamour! You are everything that money can buy!

Money isn’t just beautiful things -it is beautiful things that no one else has yet. It’s all mine!! Cuddle up close with your new boyfriend because there’s nothing you two won’t be able to do together on me. My Soul Mate To win over your billionaire boyfriend first you need to open up your heart and let him in.


Who wouldn’t want to date a billionaire? This interactive 3D Adult Game follows a young man who gets a job at a TV company where he meets his dream girl – a redhead CEO.

I’m not going to spoil anything – download and play to find out more! In it, you will be able to fully customize your character as well as unlock many different exciting locations and situations with many more girls. You can make love by day and plan machinations by night, but remember – every action has its price.

My Billionaire Mod Features

– Unlock $100,000 starting capital. – Unlock $300,000 additional business investment. – Unlock 1 free spa day (x10 XP). – Increase 5% job experience every time you sleep with a girl (max 50% XP increase per visit). – Skip 4 hours of school for each date. With those bonuses, you’ll be able to date as many girls as possible and climb your way to billionaire status!

Start playing now and spend an unlimited amount of money on expensive dates like: – Romantic Evening Cruise: includes a beautiful yacht and a bottle of champagne for two people ($1,200). You’ll also enjoy romantic comedy shows at theaters, sky diving lessons and much more.

My Billionaire Girlfriend Mod Apk Unlimited Tickets

We all know that dating sims are incredibly time-consuming. Players must complete numerous tasks in order to earn tickets, which are then used to increase your affection with various people. Some characters require more tickets than others, and that’s where our mod apk comes in handy.

Simply install our mod apk on your phone or tablet, and you’ll have unlimited tickets for all tasks! Choose which girl is right for you without worrying about losing time because of limited energy or hard-to-find items.

We’ve made it easy by giving you an infinite amount of everything! Love games? Looking for a fun way to kill some time? Download our mod today and make a connection with a hot anime girl while laying around on your couch! Enjoy!

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