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Kick The Buddy Mod APK v2.1.1 (Unlimited Gold, Money, Weapons)

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Name Kick The Buddy
Offered By Playgendary
Size 95M
Latest Version 2.1.1
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Money
Update December 1, 2023 (3 months ago)
Get it On GooglePlay
Price FREE

Today we will talk about Kick The Buddy Mod APK. This is an action and adventure game in which we can reduce our stress by playing this game when we are angry.

There is a doll in this game on which you take out all your anger, whether you punch it, apply an electric shock or run it on the thorns.

You might be thinking that sounds like a big torture on that doll but the design of this game is It has been done in such a way that when you want to vent your anger on a person, then you can play this game.

There are many such things in this game on which you can vent your anger, but to take full advantage of the game, you have to download its mod version, which we are going to tell you in this post today, so let’s know about kick the buddy mod game in details.

What Is Kick The Buddy Mod Apk?

In a way, kick the buddy is an aggressive game in which you torture a statue or a wooden doll. kick the buddy game has been created by Playgendary team which was published in May 2018.

What Is Kick The Buddy Mod Apk  

The popularity of this game can be gauged from the fact that this game has more than 100 million downloads on the Play Store, which is increasing continuously.

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Kick The Buddy Gameplay

In Kick The Buddy, you kick a bear in just certain portions to pass a level. In the early stages, there are only one or two spots to kick him.

In later levels, you have much more spots to do so. You have 3 lives in each level and an option to continue in case you fail to finish it. If you run out of lives you can always use a password to return back to your current level.

This feature exists only in mobile versions so far and it’s quite simple because when you create a new character, there’s a random password assigned for him so whenever you need help, just refer back to it. However, if you clear all levels but die before entering the code, all progress will be lost.

This game is full of action and strategy as well as little gore animations. Many players call it too hard and challenging while some think that it is addictive and delightful with excellent graphics and gameplay. It is very likely that we will see many sequels of Kick The Buddy! Whether we like it or not 🙂 We hope you enjoy playing Kick The Buddy as much as we enjoyed creating it!

What Is The Main Purpose Of Kick The Buddy Game?

When this game was created, the developers also wanted this game to calm all their frustration, anxiety and anger. If seen, in the end, the developers of this game were also successful in pacifying the anger of the people.

Because today this game has more than a hundred million downloads on the Play Store, that is, today millions and millions of people play this game daily and express their anger. and calm their anxiety and stress.

So if you also get angry often or sometimes you are sad for no reason, then at that time you can enjoy by playing this game. The concept of this game is designed in such a way that people get a lot of relaxation and enjoyment after playing this game and hence this game is also so popular among people.

How Kick The Buddy Game Works?

The concept of this game is to take out your frustration and stress on the doll. So for this there is a doll in this game that you can consider as your enemy and you can do whatever you want with it, meaning you can easily torture him as much as you want, no matter how much you can torment him.

How Kick The Buddy Game Works?

In this game, you have been given different weapons to harass your enemy like guns, bombs, pistols, nuclear bombs and dangerous weapons etc.

So if you want to express your anger then you can harass that doll in different ways whether you just hit or kick the doll, apart from this you can also give it electric shocks, and also if you want you can shoot the wood doll with a gun.

Why Some People Don’t Like Kick The Buddy Game?

Let me tell you the truth that there are so many people who do not like this type of game at all because it seems like some crime type game but the developer of this game has specially made this game so that you can control your anger by playing this game.

It is also true that when you play this game, all your stress and strain gets reduced to a great extent. So if you are also troubled by something or you get angry more, then playing this game can be very beneficial for you and this game has also been made for this purpose.

Kick The Buddy Plying Tips

This game has many cool modes to play, but we will start with Frenzy mode. In Frenzy mode you want to play as fast as possible and finish within a set time limit.

After each level your high scores for that level will be posted to Facebook or Game Center depending on which you prefer. Once you hit 20,000 points that makes a new level to achieve and another item unlocked.

Kick The Buddy Plying Tips

You can also earn medals for getting other scores like beating other player’s times in certain levels. So it is worth trying to get those gold medals because if you just focus on beating each level then there are not items or levels that unlock.

You can skip through levels but once you finish them all then there is nothing else left to do in frenzy mode so it would be worth getting those gold medals before skipping ahead so later when there is nothing else left to do at least you still have something else to shoot for.

It seems like after every 5 levels there is an extra mini-game unlockable where it either gives you an extra life or lets you pick what your buddy looks like.

Kick The Buddy Mod Features

There are a lot of features that are many interesting and exciting to use and play this game. When you play this game you will feel life is bar playing with the real environment and this is the most important quality of any action game.

The most customizable feature of this game is that you can customize all things in kick the buddy mod game like you can customize the doll and room as well as you can also customize tab background of the doll where are you get out your frustration on the statue or doll.

Besides these features, there are some important key features that you need to know about kick the buddy game:

  • In this game, you get a lot of weapons by which you can destroy the doll-like: guns and nuclear bombs, etc. These are the two main weapons that you will get while playing this game.
  • You can customize the doll as many as you want. You can also customize the background of this game and the room theme where are you get out your anger on the targeted doll.
  • In this game, you tie the doll to the target and after that, you can not only punch the doll but also you can kick or shoot it with a gun, and not only that, you can also blow it up with a bomb.
  • In addition to guns, you get to see a lot of rockets and different types of bombs and grenades in this game which are a lot of fun to use.

Benefits Of Kick The Buddy Game

When you play this game, your stress is reduced, as well as your anger and tension also goes away from playing this game.

Kick The Buddy Mod Features Unlimited Money

If you are getting very angry on a person, then at that time you can play this game and you can take out the anger in your mind through this doll, you can torture that doll as much as you want.

You can kill and harass as much as you can which will give you great pleasure and that is the advantage of playing this game.

In this way, we can say that you take out your virtual anger on a virtual target, which neither harms you nor anyone else, it is beneficial for you to play the game.

Information Of Technology Mod APK

Here are the main key points that you need to know about the mod version of kick the buddy game:

  • Game Name: Kick the buddy
  • Game Size: 95 MB
  • Available on: Play store
  • Requirement: Android 4.4 or above
  • Downloads: More than 100 Million
  • Mod app available on Play store: No

How To Download Kick The Buddy Mod APK?

Many people download this game directly from Google Play Store while some people download this game directly by visiting their official website.

But to download the mod version of this game, you have to go to different websites because its mod version is neither available on play store nor on the official website of kick the buddy game.

So if you want to download the mod version of this game, then my advice would be to download it only from any other secure website.


1. Can You Play Cat Unlimited Money And Gold In Kick The Buddy Mod APK?

Ans. Yes, you can get definitely unlimited money and unlimited gold in the mod version of kick the buddy game but make sure that do not download this game from any fake website.

2. What Type Of Weapons Do We Get In Kick The Buddy Mod APK?

Ans. They are so many weapons that we get in the full unlocked version of kick the buddy game like heavy guns, rockets, grenades, and nuclear bombs, etc.

3. Is Kick The Buddy Mod Game Available On Play Store?

Ans. No, the more version of kick the buddy game is not available on Google Play store but if you want to download the original kick the buddy game then you can download it from the Play store which is totally free.

4. What do We get In the Full Unlocked Version Of Kick The Buddy Game?

Ans. There are so many things that you can customize after you unlock the full game while installing the mod version APK of this game. You can fully customize the doll or you can change or decorate the room where you are playing with the doll. You can change background like: change your simple background into a concert hall or an amusement park.

Final Words

In this post, we try to give you the full information about Kick The Buddy Mod APK. Now I hope you understand all about the mod version of this game.

So if you find this information useful then you can share this post with your friends on social media. If you have any questions regarding this post then you can ask me in the comment section.

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