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Imvu Mod Apk V7.1.0.70100007 | (Unlimited Credit/Unlocked Full)

IMVU, Inc.
Name IMVU: Make Real Friends
Offered By IMVU, Inc.
Size 103M
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Updated January 9, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Credit
Price FREE

Imvu Mod Apk – is one of the largest social gaming platforms on the Internet, with an extensive library of 3D avatars, clothing, and accessories to purchase and wear in your own virtual world. It’s also one of the most fun free games you can download on your mobile device, complete with hundreds of activities and mini-games to keep you busy whenever you’re not chatting with other players.

While IMVU has plenty of positive aspects, there are also some negative ones that may be affecting your experience with the app; luckily, there are ways to remove these without messing up any major aspect of the game.


In every year, there are a lot of games in Google Play or App Store that always attract a lot of users. 2017 is no exception, when playing games has been one of people’s favorite pastimes for hundreds and thousands of years. The mobile phone games in particular have developed rapidly, with a wider range in genres to choose from and a much more powerful platform for graphics processing.

It brings us to one point: Is it possible to make real friends on IMVU? The answer is yes! Since IMVU was born 10 years ago, people have created an amazing community of 6 million players around the world. This guide will share how to make new friends on IMVU. A new player can find some great benefits if he joins IMVU parties frequently, which is an important way for them to meet potential new friends.

Let’s take a look at it now, shall we? If you enjoy using internet products like Skype or Viber then you might also enjoy using imvu mod apk online chat service as well as other applications by imvu. You can use these apps to talk with your real-life friend nearby or your friend far away via a smartphone app so they may come directly into your smartphone all day long without any barriers no matter whether they are close by or far away across country boundaries.

Must Grab, 


I want to meet new people or just chat with them. The game makes it easy to make friends because you are both inside a same world. You can play games, go shopping, invite your friends over, hang out at movie theaters or simply chat in real time. It’s fun! From what I’ve seen here on my iPad – it really does look like Second Life but better :). You can customize your own avatar by giving him or her different clothes and accessories that you buy using coins which you earn while playing.

Or let your avatar simply represent yourself through uploading a picture of yourself instead of choosing an existing one from predefined avatars. People use these photos mainly for making their own storyboards where they post collections of photographs together.

That way people could see more than just plain text conversations if they choose to join these photo-based IMVU groups. IMVU is even more interesting than other social networks due to its immersive nature, meaning you are surrounded by 3D pictures of other users as well as actual furniture, objects etc., all controlled via touch screen or mouse input. But most importantly, it is free!

Pros And Cons

IMVU is a great platform for anyone looking to make friends. Even better, it’s possible to make long-lasting connections with people from around the world; however, there is definitely some time and effort required if you want to see results.

Despite IMVU’s almost 15-year history, it can sometimes feel like a ghost town due to low activity and little promotion of new features or events that might bring more players back into the fold. There are millions of users but rarely do you find more than a few hundred online at any given time.

Imvu Mod Features

With all these features, you can now easily communicate with your friends, even if they are far away. Feel free to install IMVU for Android on your devices. What’s more, if you want to be one of those who can chat with anyone around them wherever they go, just enjoy it! To do so, just click on its download button and start IMVU application for android immediately.

Imvu Mod Features

Enjoy yourselves! It’s very easy! So don’t hesitate! Just install it now and enjoy chatting with all your friends anywhere you go at any time. We know that you would love everything about our imvu app apk file. And we believe that downloading ours will never let you regret.

Once again, thank you so much for choosing us as your best source for mobile applications like imvu app which works really well on Android phone. We hope to receive lots of positive feedback from our users about how helpful imvu game is once they use it! Thank you so much again guys! Hope that every little thing would go smoothly when you play imvu game or imvu application.

Have A Virtual Life

If you are stuck in a day-to-day monotony, socializing online is an excellent way to escape your current reality. You can choose how to present yourself, so it allows you to express multiple sides of your personality. Social media provides an avenue for self-expression and creativity that was not available before. Being able to be whomever you want to be on social media will enrich your life.

Have A Virtual Life

It has proven itself as an outlet for self-reflection and personal growth by giving people an opportunity to meet others with similar interests, all while making friends! Be sure that when you start making friends online that they aren’t just someone online who doesn’t reflect what kind of person you want in real life.

Create Your Avatar

The IMVU social app is about connecting with others in a virtual environment. This might sound strange, but once you download and try it out, you’ll start to see how it works. People are using IMVU as a way to meet new people from all over the world, build new relationships, stay connected with existing ones, and escape reality for awhile. The more you use it, your options really expand.

Create Your Avatar

You can change outfits every day, buy furniture, decorate your home or apartment, chat with other users through text or voice messages (and video soon), play games together. there’s just so much to do! It doesn’t cost anything unless you want access to premium content that will help you achieve certain goals faster than if you had free membership—like buying an outfit or accessory that helps get noticed by someone of interest who may not otherwise notice what some users may consider plain Jane/Jane-ish. But regardless of whether you choose free membership or Premium Membership (it costs less than $5/month on average), there are some important things to know before downloading.

Chat With Animated With Mojis

One of my favorite things about IMVU is that it allows me to talk to people from all over. When I first signed up, I joined a few chat rooms where people were discussing anime and video games.

That’s how I learned about fandom culture, fanfiction and cosplay! It may seem weird at first, but most chatters are pretty open-minded. They want to make friends as much as you do! Once you get comfortable with talking, you’ll find your voice—and a new group of online pals.

Join A Virtual Chat

You don’t need to know all that much about IMVU to join in on the fun. Simply choose a screen name, create an avatar and you’re good to go. To start chatting with friends, visit their rooms or open your own. If you’re looking for romance, there are several sub-rooms set up for dating purposes or just flirting around. You can also meet new people by joining groups with similar interests (you will need another IMVU account).


In IMVU it is very easy to make friends. If you join a group of people who have similar interests, play with them and you will quickly become good friends with them. Another way is to just talk to random people because sometimes even though they may not be in your group they can still be good friends.

Also you can often win their hearts by doing something nice for them for example helping them or giving gifts that they like then eventually they may want to get to know you better so ask them if they want to go on a date.

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