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Idle Space Farmer Mod Apk

Idle Space Farmer Mod Apk | Unlimited Money/Latest Version | For Android

Name Idle Space Farmer
Version 1.8.9
Size 222M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated September 7, 2021
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Latest Version

If you’re the kind of gamer who would prefer to play games without all the clunky action and over-the-top sound effects, Idle Space Farmer may be just what you’re looking for.

Rather than actually having to do anything yourself, this game allows you to build up your farm and lead it to prosperity simply by tapping your finger once in a while. If you don’t mind the slow pace and want to relax and enjoy the scenery, then give Idle Space Farmer a try!

What Is Idle Space Farmer Mod Apk

This Idle Space Farmer Mod Apk is really an addictive casual strategy video game. This video game has been developed and published by Tamas Lab.

In idle games, players don’t have to direct their character through a linear series of levels or quests in order to progress through a story. Instead, you can set it up so that each new level automatically starts once your character makes enough progress on its own.

Idle Space Farmer Cheats

IdleSpaceFarmer.apk is an incredibly unique game that blends simple mechanics with quick-thinking strategy to create a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

The premise is very straightforward: your character runs around on an alien planet, planting seeds and defending them against various creatures who want to eat them.

That’s it! Really, all you do is tap on any part of your screen to drop a seed or hold down your finger for a few seconds to use one of three abilities (referred to as tools by developers). The game starts out extremely easy, but things get tougher quickly enough.

Idle Space Farmer Free Download

Nothing beats simple, old-fashioned gaming. That’s why Idle Space Farmer is perfect for anyone who wants to get away from things that are overly complicated.

This game doesn’t require any specialized skills or equipment—just download it on your phone and you’re ready to go! Idle farming games have proven extremely popular because they allow people to experience what it would be like running a farm without actually having to do any of the work.

The gameplay is based around time management—do you have enough hours in a day to earn all your money back? As you play, you can buy new plots of land, upgrade your tools and work towards earning more income.

Idle Space Farmer Mod Features

– 2×1 and 3×1 farm types – 6×1 farm type – Energy income instead of coins income. Energy is gained by running your Energy collector, available at level 30.

Energy is spent on energy-consuming buildings. Most important are Energy storage (level 25), higher levels give you more space, Capacitor (level 45) will store 50 000 energy for later use, Warp gate (level 35) lets you teleport to other planets in your system if their Warp gate is present. All these buildings have 2×1 size and take 200-300 energy each once constructed.

Idle Space Farmer Gameplay

The one way to make sure you’re not throwing your time and money away is to test, test, and then actually use that time and money.

If you want to be a farmer (or space explorer), practice by tending crops in your backyard, saving up seeds from every harvest, and seeing what happens when you plant those seeds next season.

If you’d like to make friends with aliens (but aren’t quite ready for an interstellar empire), try making friends with some people on earth: Asking someone out or talking to a new colleague can be just as nerve-wracking as welcoming an alien fleet into your home system. Plus, it’s easier than launching a planet-killer satellite into orbit.

Start performing everything upgrades

At several stages of your farm development, you’ll be presented with multiple upgrade options. However, none of these upgrades are mutually exclusive.

Therefore, choose to go with only one upgrade at a time and focus on it for an entire day (or even several). You can always go back and perform another upgrade later on.

If you’re planning to do just one upgrade per day, be sure to leave yourself enough free time so that your upgrades will finish by the end of your day.

On very rare occasions, you may need an additional worker or two to accomplish all your tasks within a day; however, as long as you’ve worked out a rough schedule in advance and left yourself some room for error/unexpected changes in plans, everything should work out fine.

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