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Grammarly Premium APK v2.28.27260 (Fix Spelling Mistakes, Plagrism Checker)

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Grammarly, Inc.
Name Grammarly Premium
Offered By Grammarly, Inc.
Size 125M
Latest Version 2.28.27260
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Update March 30, 2023 (5 hours ago)
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Price FREE

Today we are going to tell you what Grammarly Mod APK is? How to use Grammarly? If you do not know about Grammarly and have heard about it somewhere, we will give you detailed information about Grammarly today.

Today, English has become our source of communication worldwide because the English language is becoming a ubiquitous language that is spoken and understood in almost all parts of the world. So through English, you can express your views in any part of the world.

If you are writing anything in English through your mobile or computer, you can make grammar, Vocabulary, spelling, etc., because man makes mistakes.

If there will be such mistakes in what you are writing, then it will not be able to show your written article or letter, whatever it is, ineffective and excellent, and many times due to these mistakes, you will not be able to understand the writing even after reading it. If your grip on English is weak, such errors will happen quite often.

So Grammarly is used only to avoid these mistakes. Now let us talk about today’s particular topic: Grammarly and how to use it?

What Grammarly Mod APK?

Grammarly is the name of a tool/software released on July 1, 2009, by an American technology company called “Grammarly Inc.” about ten years ago today. This company makes S-type Digital Writing Tools by Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in which Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms are used.

The Grammarly Company is headquartered in San Francisco and has other offices in Kyiv, New York City, and Vancouver.

Grammarly software automatically finds any style mistake in Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Word Choice, and Sentence from your typed paragraph and allows you to rectify them in one click.

Apart from rectifying the mistakes, it also gives you many types of English writing-related tips to improve your writing.

So in this way, if you are a blogger, then Grammarly can prove to be very beneficial for you because it will show you your mistakes at the time of typing, which you will be able to improve with one click.

If there is any mistake in your written paragraph, then Grammarly will show it with red color underline so that that mistake can come to your notice.

Grammarly also gives you many more features like Plagiarism Detection, which it adds in its new update.

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But Is This Grammarly platform is free to use

Initially, the Grammarly platform allows users to correct their grammar in limited mistakes, but to correct all the grammar and plagiarism mistakes, and you have to purchase its Premium plans.

But Is This Grammarly platform is free to use


By taking the premium version of Grammarly, you will be given all the features, and you will not be bothered by showing ads, but if you can’t afford these premium plans, you can use the alternative of this application which is also known as Grammarly Mod APK.

Grammarly Mod APK is a modded version of the official Grammarly application. Some unknown developers edited the pre-existing codes to unlock the entire premium; some unknown developers edited the pre-existing codes to unlock all the premium features.

Why Should I Use Grammarly Mod APK?

Now we know what Grammarly is? So now let’s talk about its benefits. You get many benefits by using Grammarly, divided into the following points.

When you are writing, it shows the mistake of any sign like Comma (,) in your Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Word Choice and Sentence and corrects it.

Why Should I Use Grammarly Mod APK?

Not only this, but it is also helpful in improving your writing style, for which it also gives you suggestions in between. It has also proved very effective in the field of business and education.

It is elementary to use and comes with a simple design. Apart from this, explaining its mistake quickly is also very good. You also get to use it for free. For additional features, you have to buy its Grammarly Premium.

You can use it through App on mobile, its software on the computer, and Grammarly Extension in the browser. It also integrates on platforms like Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, etc.

It keeps on improving a lot in its latest updates, due to which you will never feel old again. Apart from the software, you will get new tips and guides daily on their blog to be able to improve your English further.

You get to correct the mistakes only while writing the Real-time meaning in it, and its accuracy is also quite suitable.

Features of Grammarly

  • Suggestions for Comma,
  • Grammar and spelling check,
  • A detailed description of rules of grammar,
  • Editor of Grammarly,
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office,
  • Checking Out-dated Spelling and Misspelled Words,
  • Plagiarism Detector,
  • Suggestions of Vocabulary,
  • Personal Dictionary and
  • Definition of words etc.


1. Is Grammarly Safe to Use?

Ans. So the answer is – yes, if you go to their website and read their Privacy Policy, you have been told about it there.

They say that it does not steal any of our information or access our files other than your email, name/username, and password ‘which we enter when creating an account on Grammarly.’

Thus Grammarly is safe to use. But if you are not comfortable with them, you are also given the option to delete your information from their website.

2. How to Use Grammarly?

  • First, you have to install Grammarly App on your Mobile or Grammarly Software in Computer or Grammarly Extension in Browser.
  • After the App or Extension is installed, you have to log in with your account. If your account is not created, you have to make your account by clicking on Sign Up or Create an account.
  • After setting everything up, whenever you type something, if you make a mistake while ordering, it will be highlighted with a red line, by clicking on which you will know what mistake you have made.

You will be able to fix that mistake by clicking on Underline Word.

  • It will also tell you the number of mistakes in your article in the upper corner.


So today, we learned that what is Grammarly Mod APK and how to use it, much information like.

If you enjoyed the article, share it with your friends and tell them about this tool if they do not know about it.

Also, tell in the comment below your opinion about this tool and how you liked today’s article “what is Grammarly Mod APK”? If you have any queries, then you can also ask.

That’s all in today’s article; see you in the following helpful article!

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