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Fallout Shelter Mod Apk V1.14.11 | [Unlimited Money/Lunchboxes]

Bethesda Softworks LLC
Name Fallout Shelter
Offered By Bethesda Softworks LLC
Version 1.14.11
Size 38M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated October 17, 2021
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Lunchboxes
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Running out of supplies in Fallout Shelter Mod Apk is one of the most common complaints about the game, and one of the most annoying when it happens to you.

It can be particularly frustrating when you know there are rooms with lots of resources in them, but they’re inaccessible because your people don’t have the required SPECIAL stats to open the door and access the room’s contents.

A mod for Fallout Shelter can help you get past that frustration by letting you cheat into rooms that require higher-level stats than your workers currently have.

What Is Fallout Shelter Mod Apk

Fallout shelter is an app available for android and ios users. It was released on june 14, 2015, as a free to play game with in-app purchases. It has also been called a world-builder. The player takes control of a vault dweller tasked with developing and maintaining their very own Vault as they work to protect survivors from monsters and allow them to grow food and produce resources.

Players can share their bases online and visit other people’s Vaults as well as send dwellers out into wastes to collect loot or recruit others via radio signals. This Fallout Shelter Mod Apk With Unlimited Money will help you to enjoy all things on your device so download it now by clicking below given download link. So have fun!

The Overseer’s Guidebook: Step-by-step instructions on how to build your first water purification system, military training program, trade outpost, or research lab are included within The Overseer’s Guidebook. For those more interested in lore than gameplay mechanics though, fear not—there are plenty of notes throughout detailing accounts of life before and after nuclear Armageddon.

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Fallout Shelter Gameplay

If you’re on iOS or Android, you can head on over to either app store and download Fallout Shelter. It’s free! You can build your own vault, build more vaults to expand, hire people to help you out with construction, food management, and so forth.

Fallout Shelter Gameplay


The game has some limited RPG elements but mostly plays like a Sims type of game where you give orders to individuals rather than control them directly. Plus it’s just fun! And addicting if that’s what you are into. It’s definitely worth checking out on either platform for sure.

After spending just a couple of hours playing I have hooked already (well…on Sims-type games anyway). So far I like it better than SimCity BuildIt. Fallout shelter is way better IMO. More detail in everything, including little cracks in walls from things hitting them while moving through rooms. Things feel much more real. Better sound effects too IMO though still not great lol.

Some have said there are lag issues at times I have not experienced any lag yet personally but then again I don’t play it on an iPad 4th generation nor do I play online against others.

Fallout Shelter Story Line

Fallout Shelter is a strategy video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released worldwide on iOS devices in June 2015, and on Android devices in August 2015. It is a free-to-play spinoff of the Fallout series, designed as a mobile version of its mainline titles. In Fallout Shelter, players control an underground bunker with nuclear shelter capabilities; their primary objective is to provide for new residents and keeping them alive.

Fallout Shelter Story Line

The player assumes management and some combat duties while overseers beneath them handle building repairs and new construction. It has elements that recur throughout the Fallout series, including exploration, resource gathering, character progression (leveling up), strategic combat (in certain situations), and multiple endings based upon in-game decisions.

Upon release it received positive reviews; critics praised it for its gameplay differences from other Fallout games while noting technical issues present at the launch. Within two months of release, it had become both one of Bethesda’s fastest-selling games and one of Apple’s highest-grossing apps within their App Store.

However, revenue fell short due to competition from other similar games; an area made worse when Bethesda failed to timely issue extra content updates beyond minor bug fixes after release despite promising regular content drops throughout 2015.

Fallout Shelter Game Features

-Build your own Vault, decorate it and welcome new Dwellers. You’ll have to provide them with water, food, weapons and entertainment. Protect them from radroaches, ghouls and other dangers from the outside world. -Scavenge for new items: craft weapons, outfit your dwellers appropriately and stash enough canned food for a long-term siege! -You can also interact with other players in multiplayer mode.

Fallout Shelter Game Features

Visit their vaults or help them conquer a wasteland raid together – if you’re going to survive out there, better do it as a team! Do everything you can to protect your Dwellers from an onslaught of rival Survivors, mutant animals & deadly robots! Build a fallout shelter that fits YOUR style…and show off how cool it is with vaultSelfies Why does Fallout Shelter require so many app permissions? In version 1.9 we added support for Mods in Fallout Shelter.

Mods allow custom code & content to be downloaded into games supported by our platform The required permissions reflect functionality contained within Mods – such as ‘save data’ or ‘game progress’. To protect users, only trusted Mods will be visible on public platforms eg Fallout Shelter’s Google Play store page.


The new customization system in Fallout 4 is a great feature for all players, but even more so for PC players. The console versions of Fallout 4 have been out for a few months now and we’ve seen quite a few mods hit both Xbox One and PS4.


Unfortunately, on consoles you’re limited to customizing your character’s appearance by means of clothing items. Mods will allow you to do far more than that, though, including customizing your weapon loadouts with attachments or adding new weapons altogether. Here’s how to install mods on your console version of Fallout 4 . Some of these may not work due to certain restrictions from Bethesda on what can be modded and what can’t.


The wasteland beckons! Take control of your own vault and attract new dwellers using pre-war industrial kits complete with propaganda posters. BUILD YOUR VILLAGE BASEcamp: Build a radious of shops, bar, training rooms and even a dance club for those trying to escape from reality.


TRAIN YOUR DWELLERS as they grow from scratch into adulthood. LEAD YOUR PEOPLE as you fight off raiders, mutated creatures, and other disasters that threaten your vault life.

DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES AND WIN THE BATTLE FOR SURVIVAL at any cost! SPECIAL NOTE: The first load will take a little bit longer than usual because we have localized all text within our game so it supports 29 languages total at the launch today!

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