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Egg Inc Mod Apk 1.22.2 (GOLDEN EGGES, Money)

Auxbrain Inc
Name Egg Inc
Offered By Auxbrain Inc
Version 1.22.2
Size 87M
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Updated January 6, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
Price FREE

Egg Inc Mod Apk – The Battle of Eggsteria has just begun! And it’s time to prove that you have what it takes to be the biggest chicken in town in this fast-paced clicker game! It’s your job to help Winky build his farm from scratch, attract new chickens to it, train them to become productive members of your team and increase your profits by producing the largest amount of eggs possible.

What Is Egg Inc Mod Apk

Egg, Inc. is a simulation game where you begin as a humble farmer and work your way up to the building and managing a complex and wildly successful egg business! As manager of your very own operation, it’s up to you to make sure your chickens are happy and producing eggs.

What Is Egg Inc Mod Apk

Collect all kinds of chickens, expand your farm, discover new and rare breeds, upgrade your infrastructure and become a cutthroat tycoon! A lot can happen in one day on an Egg, Inc. farm; how will you build yours? Harvest crops, breed chickens and manage everything yourself or hire managers to do most of the grunt work so you can reap all of the rewards? Build chicken farms across six states throughout several decades by unlocking fun content through continuous play.

Watch out for seasonal events that affect supply & demand! Keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers want by spending time researching market trends—or dig into chicken breeding to create brand-new breeds that generate exciting results.

EGG-ceptional prizes will be awarded based upon monthly achievements in production, profit margin, resource collection, reputation points and more! New content coming soon includes additional expansion maps along with more types of products for players to buy & sell.

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Egg Inc Introduction

Egg, Inc. is one of the most interesting and exciting simulation game in which you will see yourself in a big challenge to raise various kinds of chickens in different farms so that you can earn money by supplying organic eggs to restaurants or specialty grocery stores.

Egg Inc Introduction

The game offers an exciting experience in which you will become happy when you grow up your business by meeting your clients’ needs. It also comes with lots of cool features that are challenging for players to use them appropriately so that they can progress in their mission successfully. Download Egg, Inc APK file without any hesitation because it is free

Egg Inc Gameplay

You start out as a farmer just like everyone else, with a small backyard and a dream to make it big. You’ll start off with a simple chicken coop, and from there you build everything else – from large-scale farms to red egg factories! The sky is your limit in Egg, Inc., but how will you get there? That’s up to you! The main goal of Egg, Inc.

is to become filthy rich by producing millions of eggs every day. In order to produce millions of eggs each day, players need three main resources: money, raw materials and time. There are multiple ways to achieve these resources within Egg, Inc., including egg production facilities such as MEGA farms and RED factories. Money can be generated by purchasing high value upgrades, creating specialty buildings or establishing supply lines.

Egg Inc Gameplay

Players can also earn cash by reselling items for profit or raking in advertising fees. Raw materials can be collected through mining or logging trees around their farm, which can then be used to upgrade existing structures, craft new ones and even create marketable goods.

Time management allows players to increase income streams through efficient production practices that double income potential while halving resource usage! Both factors combined provide unique opportunities for strategic gameplay that help set Egg, Inc apart from other mobile simulation games on Google Play.

Egg Inc Game Features

  • Build your farm to produce thousands of chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese.
  • Harvest eggs and meat for profit. 
  • Customize your farms with ponds, trees and decorations.
  • Breed and trade rare birds like ostriches and emus.
  • Invite friends to visit your farm and admire your handiwork.

Egg Inc Mod Features

Egg, Inc is a very popular business simulation game for Android and iOS. It’s easy to play but challenging to master. To succeed you must become an efficient farmer and businessman as you grow your egg business from a few hens into a full blown operation that earns you Golden Eggs (supposedly worth $1,000,000).

So what does Egg, Inc mod apk do? With Egg Inc mod apk unlimited golden eggs and money you can now earn as many golden eggs as possible by changing some lines of code in your android or iOS device.

Egg Inc Mod Features

The game becomes easier with these unlimited resources. You can purchase items or complete research projects more quickly without spending any real world cash.

If you want free golden eggs quickly then use these mods to help out! The mod has been tested on Windows 10 64 bit without any issues whatsoever, however if it doesn’t work on your computer please let us know via email below .

GeoGuessr is one of those web apps that may not offer much depth on first glance, but once you dig deeper it will suck away hours of your life like nothing else! The goal here is simple: guess where you are looking at using Google Maps’ Street View technology.

Egg, Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Golden Eggs And Money

The name of the game here is money and time. You can get a lot of cash if you invest wisely and spend it efficiently. The aim of Egg, Inc is to acquire wealth and advance your egg business in one way or another; whether that’s by getting rich quick or building an empire slowly.

Egg, Inc Mod Apk Unlimited Golden Eggs And Money

It’s easy to think that spending $5 million on a chicken farm will net you $4 million after taxes every 24 hours, but it doesn’t always work out like that. As with real-life investing, you have some wiggle room when it comes to how aggressively you approach Egg, Inc’s challenges.

A significant portion of strategy revolves around determining what sort of eggs are best for which situations. For example: Golden Eggs are more expensive than regular eggs but they also allow your chickens to lay eggs faster! If you have extra dough lying around then there are no downsides to buying up more Golden Eggs—it just means more money for yourself with less effort required down the line.


If you’re just starting out, then Egg Inc will be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of new business ownership. While it’s not going to make you rich overnight, it can be a valuable learning experience and a great gateway for future ventures.

At any level of success, Egg Inc is a testament to what a few smart decisions and a lot of work can do for your bank account. For businesses of all sizes, taking chances pays off more often than not if they’re taken intelligently. Good luck with your start-up!

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