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Bitlife Mod Apk V2.7.1 | ( Unlocked Bitizenship/Premium God Mode )

Candywriter, LLC
Name BitLife - Life Simulator
Offered By Candywriter, LLC
Version 2.7.1
Size 113M
Get it On GooglePlay
Updated October 24, 2021
MOD Features Unlocked Bitizenship
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Bitlife Mod Apk – We’ve all heard of Sims, the video game about creating, living, and destroying lives in the virtual world.

While this game allows you to design your own characters with different personalities and special abilities, it does not allow you to experience many real-life scenarios.

BitLife is an impressive new simulation game that allows you to experience numerous real life scenarios on your mobile device, anywhere you go! Since its creation, BitLife has become very popular with gamers of all ages! With over one million downloads since December 2015, BitLife can now be downloaded on Google Play.

What is Bitlife Mod Apk?

BitLife is a unique game in which you live out your life. The basic premise of Bitlife Mod Apk is that you experience all that life has to offer as one person rather than jumping from person to person throughout history. You start out as a little baby and work your way through school, relationships, marriage, children and more as you age.

What is Bitlife Mod Apk?

Every choice affects your future and there are many different possible outcomes for you as well as those around you. Will you eventually be President of America? Do well enough at school and maybe become an astronaut? The only way to find out what happens next is by playing! Explore random events and situations like meeting people who can change your life forever, getting promoted at work or struggling financially due to unfortunate circumstances like finding yourself without a job.

There’s even divorce! What if things don’t go according to plan? There is no timeline so you can pause anytime and try something else entirely. Your past choices will always affect you but not having a set path ensures that no two players will have exactly the same journey through BitLife. You have complete control over your destiny – but remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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Bitlife Gameplay

It’s difficult to put BitLife into words. BitLife is a gaming experience unlike any other. The only thing you can expect when playing BitLife is unexpected surprises! You are given one life in BitLife, and it’s up to you to make the most of it! Anything can happen in Bitlife Mod Apk.

Bitlife Gameplay

Will you take that path to success? Or become a statistic in someone else’s story? Decisions in real life tend to be more complex than they are in games. And that’s where our incredibly advanced simulation comes into play! Every decision in BitLife has varying degrees of consequence, allowing you to explore thousands of different scenarios and outcomes based on your decisions.

Unlike most linear video games that have set objectives for you to complete, in BitLife, you choose what activities or career paths interest you. If there’s something fun for your character to do during the day–you do it! But if not… no worries… just idle at home all day! Keep us posted about how much money you’ve earned so far in BitLife!! 🙂 Have Fun In BitLife Life Simulator!

Are you as excited as we are? Let’s get downloading now—but before you do, please consider supporting our team with an App Store review or even a donation—your support means everything! Tell your friends too so we can spread word about BitLife as quickly as possible—the faster we reach download milestones, the faster we can share new updates with all of you.

Star A Life

One of my favorite features of BitLife is that you can pick your background at any time and continue your life as a rock star, soccer player, or whatever it is you want to be. You can also stop and start anytime; I’ve started a ton of lives and never completed one.

Star A Life

It’s like having a ton of different games in one! But BitLife does still allow you to complete specific challenges within each simulation, which adds an extra layer of challenge even if your main goal is just having fun. Download BitLife today from greatmodapk

Bitlife Time Machine

BitLife, one of our top picks for free Android games , comes with a special time machine feature that you can use to go back in time, redo your actions, and save up to three different life histories. You’ll never run out of options or potential outcomes, which means you can replay it over and over again without ever getting bored.

Bitlife Time Machine

This can be a great way to improve your overall skills at handling all kinds of situations if you simply try again every time you die. If you have an Android phone or tablet , it’s well worth checking out! (iOS version available here.

Earn Tokens and Experience

The Simulator comes with an in-game currency called XP, and gaining XP is how you unlock new ages. Completing achievements and objectives during a lifetime will earn you XP too. There are also items to collect throughout each age, but those only appear if you play as certain characters.

Earn Tokens and Experience

For example, I’m currently stuck on Age 1 because I’ve yet to complete any of the requirements for unlocking character 2, making it impossible to move on—I’m not sure how many other players have encountered issues like that though.

There also doesn’t seem to be a big incentive for completing most of these objectives (other than personal satisfaction), and if you fail them once then they remain failed forever regardless of your character choice.

Progression And Unlockables

Players can unlock new professions and skills by completing challenges. Since every unlockable changes your life in some way, it’s up to you to decide which path to take.

For example, since firefighters are paid more than barbers but both careers demand similar skill sets, you may choose to pursue firefighting instead of hair design if you enjoy saving lives.

Some paths (such as journalism) may also open doors down the road that were previously unavailable or even inaccessible! Your choices determine how quickly or slowly your bit-life progresses; for example, if you choose not to finish high school and drop out of college early on in life, your career options will be drastically reduced.

The choice is entirely yours! Either way, each decision made in BitLife is permanent—there are no do-overs. Start planning today. Life moves fast.

How To Play the Game

After using Bitlife Mod Apk, it is hard to imagine what my life would be like without it. The added realism makes every single moment in my virtual life feel so real. I can’t stop playing, and I don’t think I ever will. If you want to become an important part of a digital society, then you should definitely download BitLife right now.

This game is quickly becoming one of my favorite games because it offers users so many unique opportunities to live out their dreams. Whether you are focused on being a productive member of society or just trying your best to waste time at work, there are endless ways that you can play with BitLife! Overall, I am very impressed with how realistic everything feels in BitLife.

As far as mobile games go, there aren’t too many games that have successfully created such a detailed world for me to explore. This game has truly changed my perspective on gaming forever!

BitLife Graphic Quality

The most dangerous thing in life is to try something new. BitLife Life Simulator Mod is a new mod app with exciting features and adventures. Download it for free from our site now! Don’t waste your time, grab all of those keys before someone else does! Are you bored?

Are you looking for some fun things to do on your phone? Do you have some spare time at hand and you don’t know what to do with it? Look no further because we have an answer for all of your questions – download BitLife Life mod apk now! It will completely change your perception of simulation games as well as bring a lot of fun into your life.

This stunning game can be played both online and offline. Play any part that interests you the most! Explore all locations, unlock them one by one and keep progressing in your game. There are plenty of fantastic locations for you to explore so there won’t be any problems with getting bored.

Play different parts so that you can enjoy yourself even more than ever! BitLife Life Simulator allows making progress not only fast but also easy because all difficulties are almost nonexistent here so even users who haven’t tried similar games earlier can easily figure out how everything works.

When it comes to graphics, there is nothing that would hinder players from fully enjoying themselves since they look really beautiful without causing any kind of distraction while playing.


Bitlife Mod Apk, released last year, is one of those games that makes me wish I had more time to play it. It’s got a phenomenal premise: You play as an average American who lives through all sorts of life events while attempting to get good grades in school and finding your soulmate.

Along with its unique premise, BitLife boasts some amazing visuals and there are several life simulation games on mobile devices that fall flat when it comes to accurately portray real-world conditions or giving players meaningful choices.

With BitLife, players are given tons of choices throughout their playthroughs that can drastically alter their destiny—and these opportunities for choice feel very organic.

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